WeView: E3 2013 – The Games

We’re doing something a little bit different for WeView this week. Now that the press conferences are over, we’d like to hear what you thought of them – did MicroSoft dazzle you with their new Xbox One titles, did EA surprise you with those sequels, did Ubisoft pull another Watch Dogs and what about Sony – did they manage to surprise you with the game announcements? How about Nintendo, could any of these games finally sell you a Wii U? Or did any disappoint you? Whatever the case, we’d like to hear.

Now, we don’t want you writing about everything from every conference, so try to stick to a few games in total. We’re wanting to purely stick to games here, though, otherwise it’ll all be about the PS4’s lack of DRM and low price (great though, isn’t it?)! Just pick whichever game you like (or dislike), it’s really up to you. We’ll then round up your thoughts into a verdict article later in the week!


For example, I absolutely loved the look of Insomniac’s new game, Sunset Overdrive. It was a real surprise seeing them step on stage at a Microsoft conference – no doubt disappointing a lot of Sony fans – and revealing a genuinely fresh and fun looking new IP. It looks like it could be a really fun third-person shooter, with guns to rival Ratchet and Clank and some brilliant fast-paced parkour gameplay. To sum it up, it seemed like pure fun and just on the right side of being absolutely mental.

As for EA, the real surprise for me wasn’t the new Mirror’s Edge game but instead the new Plants vs. Zombies game, Garden Warfare – I seem to be sticking to what looked like most fun here – and the arcadey, horde-style gameplay really drew me in. This looks like it should be an absolute blast with friends. Oh, and Peggle 2!

There was no question on the game of Ubisoft’s show – and perhaps the game of the show overall: The Division. This looked like an absolutely brilliant persistently online survival/shooter/RPG with some brilliant AR elements thrown in. The squad-based gameplay seemed to work very well and I’ll be picking it up for my PS4 as soon as it releases.

Sony showed off some brilliance with Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and The Order but my real love lies with the indie games they spent some time going over. Transistor, in particular, is looking fantastic – SuperGiant’s previous title, Bastion, is an incredibly well made indie game and I’ve been waiting to see what they did next.

Nintendo always have a special place in my heart and the new Super Smash Brothers games for 3DS and Wii U were very exciting to me. I’ve spent hundreds of hours playing Brawl with friends and I can’t wait to play it on the go on my 3DS and in HD on my Wii U when it releases next year. I’m not enamoured with the new characters – Animal Crossing’s Villager and Mega Man – but I really can’t wait to find out more about this game.

Over to you now – you can decide your own format of your comment, which I’ll no doubt pick apart for the round-up. There’s no ratings this week, don’t worry – just blabber on about the games you’re looking forward to.



  1. I thought both Killzone games looked great – especially the Vita one. Infamous Second Son, The Order 1886, The Division and MGS V aside from that. Lots of great games but those really tickled my fancy.

  2. Battlefield 4, Watch Dogs and The Division were the most impressive for me, but I’m probably most excited for Peggle 2, lol!

  3. The Crew was a surprise to me and if done right could be a challenger to DriveClub. I was expecting more than was said about DriveClub but hopefully there’ll be more info at GDC and/ot TGS.

  4. Kingdom Hearts III is a no-brainer, absolutely enjoyed the previous playstation-installments.
    Killzone is a day one purchase for me and The Order looks awesome too.
    The Elder Scrolls Online is probably gonna eat up all of my gametime though ;-)

    The Division is awesome too, but right now I think I have enough wantings to begin with…

    The only Xbox One exclusive I kinda had interest in was Quantum Break, very nice idea, but the Xbox One is a no-no for me.

  5. The moments I remembered the most were definitely MGS5, Final Fantasy XV, The Crew, The Division and Destiny. This games made an very good first impression, with The Division at top. Look amazing in graphics and gameplay concept.

    I also liked the Assassins Creed fake-crashing-live(of course)gameplay-demo. So funny xD. Just shows what Ubisoft done with the AC legacy.

  6. Killzone for PS4 and Infamous second son I’m excited for. But what really peaked my interest was the new star wars battlefront! It should be awesome!
    Oh yeah and Elder Scrolls Online :)

  7. Witcher 3, Dragon Age Inquisition, Destiny, Watch Dogs are games i want.

    I will certainly pick up FIFA and Drive Club.

    Slightly jealous about Dead Rising 3 and the drivatar system in Forza.

    Also quite disappointed with Assassins, didnt look that great tbh, not sure if the lessons have been learnt from III

  8. The Division ticked every box for me. Absolutely wonderful. Ubisoft also impressed me with The Crew which seemed to blend a lot of different types of racing into one. Street racing mixed with a little off road and Motorstorm-ish gameplay. Watch Dogs again was really impressive too. Ubisoft are wonderful people. Without a doubt the best third party publisher for immediate support of new consoles.

    Destiny was another one that caught my eye. Reminded me a little of Resistance (and Halo) with the crazy weaponry on show.

    Also InFamous and Killzone looked great. As for the Xbox One games, well I thought Ryse looked the part but the slow QTE gameplay was off putting.

    But The Division stole the show, cannot stress how much I want this game.

  9. For me, Sony and EA bossed E3, though Sony wins overall.

    Lot’s to be excited for though the standout moment was Jack Tretton completely rinsing out Microsoft! Haven’t heard such large cheering in years of E3! My favourite games from the Sony conference were by far were both new IPs; The Order:1886 and Destiny. Both games had really impressive showing and I’m sure it’s the ‘something different’ factor about those games which make them more appealing.

    However, EA were the people who got me most excited by a single game. When the key words ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ flashed onto the big EA screen I almost died from disbelief. A next-gen Battlefront, made by award winning developer DICE. I simply cannot wait to see what they do with the franchise that really shaped my gaming life when I was younger.

  10. Kingdom Hearts 3 and the Elder Scrolls Online for consoles, great news that I can but TESO for PS4 rather than have to update my PC.
    Oh, and open world for MGS sound fantastic!

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