PS Plus Multiplayer Fee To Fund Improvements

One of the slightly negative points to come out of Sony’e E3 conference was the news that a PS+ subscription would be needed to access multiplayer on the PlayStation 4. Online gaming for the PS Vita and PS3 will remain free.

This shouldn’t come as a massive surprise, due to the fact Sony are bringing in new online features like the share function, auto downloads and second screen abilities which, no doubt, will cost more to maintain.

Shuhei Yoshida said “If we keep giving away online access for free, the natural pressure is that we have to cut down on the cost to provide this free service. But that’s conflicting with our goal of being able to provide very robust and great online services going forward. So we decided that on PS4, because we want to continue to invest and improve our new services, we’ve asked the most engaged consumers in the online activities to share the burden with us so that we can continue to invest.”

We can expect to see the money from our subscriptions going towards making the PlayStation Network a better online experience.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. PS Plus will be offering “free content with instant game collections, discounts and early access to betas on PS4”. The PS Plus edition of Drive Club has been announced already, and gamers can also expect to receive high quality indie games with each coming month. That’s not forgetting the usual content PS Plus provides on the PS3 and PS Vita. Subscriptions will also pass over to the PS4.

As it is the benefits of being a Plus member surpass its £40 a year fee. I don’t think we should anything to complain about being a Plus member to access online gaming on the PS4.

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  1. Think I read that XBL revenues exceeded $1bn and that was back in 2010, how can Sony ignore money in the bank like that?

    Also, the network needs big improvements, it’s barely up to modern gaming… and it costs money.

    what will be unacceptable however would be taking the money and not doing anything with the network. Yes, some people will no doubt chime up that they don’t have a problem, but those people aren’t everyone… and as time moves on the network is going to be come under ever more pressure.

    Now, about that shitty store

  2. Agreed. Plus on the PS4 will be well worth the money. I will be renewing in September.

  3. The last paragraph really sums it up. PS+ has become such a great service on the current that all bar a few of the people on my friends list are yet to sign up. And those would tend to be the users that are getting less use out of the system and largely sticking to single player offline experiences.

    Considering the 360 has always charged for the same thing and the general feeling is that Live provides a better experience (though I can’t comment first hand), I think it’s no bad thing that this has become a requirement. We should hopefully see an improved PSN as a result whilst at the same time receiving the additional benefits of being a plus member.

    • “And those would tend to be the users that are getting less use out of the system and largely sticking to single player offline experiences”

      That’s not strictly true – I am not a plusser simply because i buy so many games that plus would just be an additional cost for no real reason other than cloud storage.

      Basically, if i was to become a plusser, i am effectively paying for the same games twice (albeit at reduced cost, but still).

      • That is why my purchases have been reduced by 80% because sooner or later, I will be getting the same game I was intending to buy, 3-4 months later in form of a free game. 1st party titles excluded ;)

      • I was effectively in the same boat, however I do buy quite a lot of PSN games so the plus discounts are what I am mostly subscribing for … a few extra games here and there that I don’t have is just a bonus.

  4. I honestly have no idea how the PS+ is sustainable as a business model, especially if they’re going to use that money to improve their online capabilites, but hey, if it works it works.

    • Because in general, many of the games that get rotated into the instant game collection have already peaked in terms of main game sales and the hope is that by putting them into the IGC you get players on the fence that don’t see it as a risk anymore, and presumably Sony give you a bit of cash to allow them to put your game in IGC that month, and you hope you’ll be able to convince a few people to buy your DLC. Plus auto patching, trophy sync (which hopefully on PS4 is instant sync) and cloud save syncing, store discounts and beta access are good things to have as well

  5. Also, it’s up to publishers as to whether or not free to play games require Plus to be played.

    For instance, “Free-to-play games for the PlayStation 4 that won’t require you to have a PlayStation Plus subscription are currently confirmed to include DC Universe Online, PlanetSide 2, Blacklight: Retribution and Warframe.”

  6. if you told this 6 months ago i would of been livid. but since I’ve had ps+ for 5 months I’ve gotta say if you don’t have it already your a fuckin idiot

    • Guess i am an idiot for not spending more money on the same games i have already bought then. What was i thinking? :/

      • I’m with you mate, and I know we are in the minority here! Mandatory PS+ was a definite downer for me. I suppose funding better servers or whatever will make it a bit less sour, but like you, it’s hard to get excited about free games you either already own, or aren’t interested in!

      • Ideally, Forrest, they need to create two tiers for the service. If you’re one of those early adopters (with the latest and greatest) then you truly don’t need the “free” games later on down the line but would still very much appreciate a great service online. With that in mind, I’d charge just £20 a year (if I was Sony). Then, keep the second tier for us folk who aren’t in such a rush to play games but still want the lovely services online (for gaming, cloud saves, etc). That could cost £40 or so as we’re seeing today.

        Obviously it adds another level for Sony to look after but there’s no reason why they couldn’t do this in the near future. Fingers crossed, eh? :-)

      • Abso-fricken-lutely mike. Nail on the head.

        You sir need to work for Sony. I’ll give you a good reference! ;)

      • kinda feelin like i should of put a =P smiley after my comment, people taking my use of the f word bit too harshly

    • Ha! I don’t actually have Plus at the moment. Simply because my home internet isn’t strong enough to download all the games at a decent pace. This should change next gen with my internet improving and Sony’s downloading improving hopefully :)

    • Hands up if you’re a f**kin idiot. I am! lol
      However I won’t be soon once I purchase PS+ probably next month :)

      • to those f’ing idiots who have all the games under the sun (there are so many games free in the last 6 months its incredible) ps+ subscription should be used to save future money. I just don’t see the point of buying new games now as ps+ has so many I have a backlog of about 30+ games. These include Mass Effect 3, Arkham City, Unchartered 3, Hitman, Crysis 2… Just don’t buy a game again, pay £40 a year (I paid £25) and you are sorted… I guess unless you have to have the new game immediately and don’t have financial constraints :-)

  7. Plus is just great, if you have the broadband connection to back it up I see it as essential. Just please improve the store Sony

    • I have a 50+MB/S internet and speed check on PS3 (which is wired connection) is about 20M/S, yet I get no better than a few MBs per second from the store. I assume this is the store limitation and what everyone is complaining about? Does anyone ever get anything close to being 20M/s download from the store?

      • No, never. Sony has actively throttled downloads for years and I think they’re still doing it. Weirdly, it’s to PS3s but not on the PC. My mate and I tested that by downloading some firmware updates (many moons ago) on a USB stick on the PC. It flew down!

        In the nicest way possible, Sony, I have 80MBit download speed and would REALLY like you to use it. God knows I pay through the nose so don’t let it go to waste! Steam doesn’t. :-)

      • You’re luck you even get a few per second! My is about 1MB every ten seconds from the store.

  8. I think PS+ is a great service and well worth having, if it wasn’t for it I wouldn’t have played games like Mass Effect 3, Starhawk (SP) among others. Well worth it.

  9. I suppose Sony have to do something to be able to afford to shore up their network infrastructure. How else are they going to be able to accomodate the flood of former xbox users?

    (me included! Well, I usually get all systems, but not this time. I’m not a fanboy for any system is my point.)

  10. Am not against paying to play online I have done for 6years on xbl I do realise if you want a good reliable service you have to get your hand in your skyrocket.

    I know psn is free at the moment but some people have been technical paying to play online through the pass system that publishers use such as EA

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