PS4 Box Revealed, Hints At Other Colours


Sony has tonight revealed the box for the PlayStation 4. We’re assuming it’s the final box, or at least close enough, and it’s certainly very blue and black.

But here’s the thing – the box states two variables: the colour and the size of the hard drive. These are probably just there for clarity and to make things obvious, but could the box be hinting at the option to buy the PS4 in other colours?

The PS4 is due out this November.



  1. This looks like a silver model –

    Could just be the angle and lighting, but it looks different to all the other pictures that I’ve seen so far.

    • Definitely just the lighting – that’s the black one shown off in SCEE’s media room.

      • Ah, fair enough. I thought it may be as I hadn’t heard anything more about different colours until now, but wasn’t too sure.

  2. Really can’t see it looking good in any other colours personally.

    • How can you say that!! It would look cool in tartan. :p

    • I want a pink one….

    • I don’t think it looks good even in black! Just too box-y for me.

      • The more I’ve seen it the more it really grows on me. I think it looks nicer vertically than horizontally though. Will proudly put it under/stand it next to my TV.

      • yep I like the angles looks less VCR like X1

      • I agree that it looks better vertically, but I wonder how much that stand costs thats shown in the picture above. No doubt a 3rd party one will be far cheaper and do exactly the same job.

  3. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t, but then they’re always slow on releasing coloured models.

    White would be nice, but I’m not THAT fussed!

  4. what is the biggest size harddrive it can take anyone no?

    • I would think it’d have no problem with 3TB, that’s for sure.

      • Yeah, I’ve not heard anything about it, but I’d think external USB3 HDDs will be supported for everything.

    • 2,5 inches.

      • It’s not been confirmed yet, but looking at the size of it I would expect this correct. Which is a shame as you’ll only be able to get up to 1tb :(

      • I read earlier this year that a 1.5TB 2.5 inch 9.5mm HDD had been announced, think it’s due later this year.

  5. When the slim came out it said charcoal black, and I’m sure another colour wasn’t released for a good year or so afterwards. I may be wrong.

  6. “The PS4 is due out this November.”

    Woah… is this new news, or did I miss an earlier article…?

  7. I’d love it if they did a PS1-style grey with a yellow or red light and a grey controller. That would look very 90’s. They could even call it the grey station! Anyone remember N64 magazine? :)

  8. Cannot see them releasing different colours until quite a while after launch. Anyway it’s normally their home nation who get all the colours with a few reaching the west some time later.

  9. I’ll take it in any colour i can get my hands on. ;)

  10. Piano Black is what Sony called the PS3 when it launched, Some idiot at MS will probably announce their calling the XB1 Hearse Black.

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