Shuhei Yoshida Says PS4 Can Also Use Cloud Computing When Needed

[drop2]Shuhei Yoshida has said that the PlayStation 4 – much like the Xbox One – can use the power of cloud computing as and when it’s needed.

But whilst the cloud has been a major part of Microsoft’s current marketing, Sony have been rather low key on the whole thing.

The Sony boss said that PlayStation 4 developers are free to take advantage of the ability to do tough computational tasks in vast server farms, although appears to be more realistic in what that could mean for gamers.

“Linking, matchmaking,” he said in a recent interview during E3, “there are already many computations being done on the cloud side.”

“We don’t believe every title needs that,” he said, referring to games requiring assistance from cloud networking, “but if your title needs [an] online connection to provide some online features: go for it.”

Of course, latency and bandwidth can be major issues – especially on slower connections.

Sony’s current focus on the use of the cloud has been more targeted at providing a backwards compatibility mechanic via the company’s acquisition of Gaikai, something that’s going to start rolling out next year.



  1. This was one of Microsoft’s key points and arguments for the Xbox One, that they were future proofing themselves by having the ability to use The Cloud to offload some computing power. The fact PlayStation can also do this is a bit of a kick in the groin.

    • Well, yeah… completely, fella! Any device that connects with the internet can benefit from the cloud so it’s strange to see Microsoft harping on about this as some sort of huge selling point when it’s a bit of a given if we just think about it for a second.

      Ah, they were trying to justify the online connection debacle. I get it, now. :-)

      • They are also harping on about the cloud to distract the public from the fact that their console is significantly underpowered compared to PS4.

    • My phone could use cloud computing if needed. Anything that has:

      1) a network connection
      2) manufacturer running sofware

      is already setup to do cloud computing. PS4 already has all the hardware in place (as does PS3), it just needs the cloud stuff coding, a transport protocol designing (software) and some code in the firmware on the console to do something with it.

  2. By its very definition, Cloud Computing is Software at the client side with the servers at the back end. I was amazed that MS were making such a fanfare about it. Surely it would be pretty straight forward for Sony to release an update and set up some server farms… It was as if MS were trying to appease people who were worried that the PS4 was a more powerful machine… er… with a solution that Sony could easily impliment.

  3. “Anything you can do I can do better”

    • “No you can’t…..Yes I can”…..etc :P

  4. Yeah, I have never understood the difference of the old server side computing and “cloud” computing…
    I mean you could say all online multiplayer titles use the “cloud”.
    But for ingame calculations? bleh, games are all about realtime and low latency. I mean Sony said the PS3/Cell would be a distributed computing platform, so much happened with that (maybe you could have called the Folding App something something Cloud).

  5. The difference here is that every XB1 will be connected to the internet, so developers would be more inclined to take advantage of it, for Sony with it being an option it will split the install base and mean developers have to cater for the lowest denominator, i.e. not use cloud power. Not being a developer i am not sure how this would be applied in a real world example, possibly with better AI maybe?

    Similarly the Kinect with XB1 wont have the equivalent on ps4 for all players and wont be utilised in all games, they will be add ons to ‘enhance’ the experience. Personally I prefer the less gimmicks and proper gaming with classic controls, got burned with move, doubt i will bother with much in future. that said it would be nice if I can use the move wands with the PS4.

    • Just about every sp4 will be connected to the internet to. Just b/c it doesnt require you to check in doesnt mean its not connected to the internet. I use my ps3 every day and it connects to the internet every day to use netflix, and play games. Dont let microsoft blind you so you cant see that the 24 hr check in is really about DRM and nothing more.

  6. I’m starting to think Sony has a secret agent in MS’s Redmond campus.

    • All this time we assumed Agent was a new game in development limbo. Turns out it was just Sony’s mole checking in ;)

    • secret?

      they wheeled him out on stage.

      you know, the tall bald English guy. ^_^

  7. I think a lot of xbox’ers feel like this bloke at the moment

    • I agree. Between my mates and members of my family, 7 of them have an Xbox 360. After Microsofts reveal regarding their (IMO) ridiculous policies, every one of the 7 are jumping ship and are planning on getting a PS4. Incidentally, I’ve yet to hear of any PS3 owners planning to get a nextbox.

  8. I personally think the only reason Microsoft emphasized Cloud Power is to justify it’s requirement to be connected online. I don’t think it will make much of a difference at all. Also, I think they are trying to give us the idea that the Xbox One has limitless power when in reality it is less technically impressive than the PS4.

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