Sony Releasing PS4 In UK And US First Due To “Competitive Pressures”

Sony Computer Entertainment’s President and CEO Andrew House has admitted that the company is releasing the PlayStation 4 in western markets first due to what he called “competitive pressures”, presumably referring to the November release of the Xbox One in the same territories.

Speaking to Japanese press during a busy E3 week, Andrew House also said that the PS4 would “allow for an aggressive cost-down strategy” over time, giving the company the ability to reach “the broadest mass of consumers that we can.”

House pointed to new revenue streams on the console as a way of ensuring the PS4 returns a profit as quickly as possible, something Sony hinted at back in February but is likely pointing to digital downloads, service-model titles (like DriveClub) and subscription-based games.



  1. November then :)

  2. Sony has one final card to play, and that’s release date. If I was them, I’d wait for MS to give a firm date then announce it for the week before. That’ll truly sway a lot of gamers with an earlier release and lower price point.

    • That’d be great, but i’m not sure that things can work out like that. Sony need to hear from the manufacturers etc and try not to think too much about what the competitors are doing, and make sure they focus on releasing everywhere asap.

      • Not to mention we want a console that works and won’t fault soon after.

      • That’s a good point too.

      • Successful companies do the right thing, not ape their competitors. Sony have never bowed to competition pressure. Surely RROD and the weak storage on the current XBOX is forever a reminder for what happens if you rush to meet a fixed date.

  3. I reckon end of October myself.

    • Same here, the 25th to be more precise.

  4. My birthday is in October!! What a great present that would be!!!

    • Mine too. My PS4 will be my birthday present to myself.

      • Mine’s in November, so anytime in October – November will be cool with me :)

  5. Come onnnn end of October!

  6. I’m still on the fence. I need a special day one trophy or I’m going with the Juan.

    • You’ve got plenty of time still to sit on the fence but I’d personally avoid the Juan.

      • Im so glad this has catched on :)

  7. I thought it was in yesterday’s Sun as release date of 21st November?

    • I’ve just checked my email & I’ve had one from shopto saying coming November! Was hoping for an October launch as I could get mine in Canada then!

  8. I think November 1st with the always online spycam-1 hitting the week after.

    They need a good 2 month run up to Christmas as there will undoubtably be stock shortages and this gives time to replenish.

    This is going to get messy for my bank balance.

  9. If they do the end of October, I don’t know if they have any poo left in them after crapping all over Microsoft at E3. I jest, I jest! :-)

    They’ll have plenty left. ;-)

    • You crack me sometimes Mike.

      • A crack has formed. I’m going in!

  10. Interesting, wonder when they’ll announce. Next game show is Tokyo in September isnt it? Which seems a bit late. Hopefully it’ll be last week of Oct.

    • The next show is the gamescom in Cologne from 21.08. – 25.08. ;)

      • Gamescom is gonna be pretty interesting this year!

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