The Last of Us Autosave Bug Fixed

Naughty Dog have swiftly fixed the autosave bug which we reported earlier to a flurry of comments. It appears the issue was related to their own servers, which didn’t seem to communicate with the game correctly.

They revealed this news via their twitter, confirming that no patch will be required in a subsequent tweet. As long as you can manage to pull yourself away from the game for long enough, quitting to the XMB and then restarting will fix all of the save issues.


If you haven’t got the game yet, which released today, have a read of our review and then try to get your hands on it so you can join in the discussion. I’ve just got in after a long day with the game in my hands, so I’m going to play it now – see you on the other side!



  1. Quick work no their part :)

  2. Good work ND! I’ve gotta wait 7 long days until I get paid, so if no one could mention this game anymore, it would be much appreciated! :-p

  3. You have to hand it to ND, they were quicker than a kwik-fit fitter, so that makes them the boys to trust. 8D

  4. Yes well done on getting it fixed, but such a major bug should surely have not happened in the first place.

    • Agreed but the nature of the bug means that it could barely be allowed for. Massive strain on the server is the trickiest type as they try to allow for thousands of people hitting the server at the same time (ie. stress tests, etc) but it just can’t replicate the real world situation of us lot going mental with the game and taxing the hell out of whatever hardware we need!

  5. And I was just about to smugly wave at those who received their copy on launch day.

    Looks like the joke’s on me, again.

  6. That was quick, nice one ND!

    Mind you, it seems odd that it would be their servers at fault … wasn’t it the sp campaign that people were having the save issue with?

  7. Ah it does seem to be working now get news. I got about an hour into game then saw the problem on here and stopped playing because I knew I’d for bug. Now to start again after prologue. I wonder if my wife will let me have a hour on it.

    • On also thanks for info Sithaxxis and ND

  8. So, uuuuh… Why on earth was the save mechanism being affected by online servers? I just don’t get that at all. Maybe some kind of stat tracking for future balancing of the campaign, to avoid horrible difficulty spikes sticking around for long?

    Well, I’ll be sticking to playing offline, anyway.

    • They tweeted that was exactly what it was, stat talking servers to monitor usage data etc.

      • Well… still a somewhat cackhanded way of doing things, and tying the save mechanism so directly to this feedback report.

  9. So, if you played offline using version 1.0 then you wouldn’t have had any problems? I love the idea that a printed disc 1.0 version of a 10/10 game is actually without issues, that would be a thing for Naughty Dog to be proud of given the expectation for day 1 patches.

    • exactly, they confirmed that only if your PS3 was online would this issue occur.
      maybe microsoft can take some notes of this situation? :p

  10. Obviously didnt want anything tarring the release of this. Good work. Gotta wait until my birthday next week for my survival edition.

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