The Last Of Us Has A Nasty Autosave Bug

A quick heads-up to those of you out there playing today’s big release The Last of Us – reports on NeoGAF suggest that there may be a bug with the game’s autosave system that could lose you progress.

It’s unclear whether the issue comes from the core game or the day-one patch, but what seems to be happening is that the game’s save system simply stops responding after a particular amount of time. The game gets stuck trying to autosave, and will fail to manually save, with your only real option being to come back out of the game and reload it back up again and hope your last successful save wasn’t too long ago – unfortunately the game seems to fail going to the main menu too, leaving you with just rebooting the console. The bug was originally reported by GAF’s Dragon1893, with other members corroborating the issue.


Our advice is to check the pause menu regularly – if the game shows that the last autosave was less than a few minutes ago, you’re fine, but if it simply stays for a while on “autosaving, please wait” without changing, you may have hit the bug. Hopefully a fix isn’t too far away.

Source: NeoGAF



  1. Also maybe this is just me but when you put the disc it will have an update waiting, it’s wise to do it offline cause if you online it crushes your ps or restart it. Maybe that’s just my copy. Just heads up

  2. Dammit I think I have hit the bug :(

    • I just did. Lost three hours of progress. It’s totally tarnished a fantastic experience.

      • I also lost 3 hours…I know what you’re feeling.

  3. Mine would download the update, kept turning PS3 off. Looks like it was because I was downloading something in back ground (last of us sound track) cancelled that and its working fine now

  4. Is it fixable by turning the auto-save feature off? Or is that not possible?

  5. Thank for the heads up Joshua, I was just about to pick up my copy from game when I read this.

    • Interesting. Same here, fella. I’ll now wait. Even the mighty Naughty Dog has to fix things quickly so sales may continue.

  6. My wife just picked up my copy but luckily its a fathers day present for me from the kids hopefully it will be resolved by Sunday. Thanks for the heads up though :) Roll on Sunday can’t wait to play it.

  7. The bug exists on the download version as well. Preying I don’t have to restart from the Prologue tonight, had a wobbly lip by the end of it.

  8. I got my copy in the post yesterday so no patch when I played last night. autosaving and manual saving seemd ok, but seemed a little odd in that when you manualy save it pops up to say its autosaving. Was looking forward to having another session with it tonight but will try and hold off until this is all resolved. It’s going to be bloddy hard not playing it though, a couple of hours in and it is an amazing experience.

  9. I’d love this bug right now.

    My PS3’s blu-ray drive died about 15 minutes after I started The Last of Us.

    It likely had nothing to do with the game and is just wear and tear.

    But I really want to be able to play it. :(

  10. it’s the core game. i lost my chapter 2 progress (about 2 hours worth of play) last night due to the bug. very annoying

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