Community Round-Up: 15/06/13

What a brilliant week it’s been for gamers! Both the Xbox One and Playstation 4 have been fully unveiled, and we’ve seen some amazing games that we’re going to be able to play on them. As usual, TSA was really busy pumping out articles, so we’ve got loads to cover in this week’s Community Round-Up!

Earlier this week we announced the winners of the Velocity Ultra Art Competition. Check out the article to see the winning submissions, along with other notable entries.

Hopefully we’ll get the TSA E3 Bingo results back to you at some point in this coming week too. There were a lot of surprises so it will be great to see how it pans out.

Looking at the meets, it’s great to see a good number of them already set up! Motalla kicks things off Killzone 3-style with a meet tonight at 7pm, followed by Manorhowze’s Grid 2 meet at 4pm tomorrow. A little later at 8pm, Germanos hosts a Motorstorm Apocalypse Meet.

On Monday, Manorhowze takes to the track with the usual Gran Turismo 5 meet at 8pm. Finally on Tuesday night, Motalla hosts a DiRT Showdown meet also at 8pm.

If you’ve got more than 250 TSA Points, remember that you can set up your own meet, or keep an eye out for the other usual meets such as Friday night’s Battlefield meet.

CRU2 Greatness

While there have been no new reviews, we’ve got loads of hands-ons and previews straight from E3, with more to come.

First up, Alex took a look at Drive Club, and also shared some details about the PS Plus Edition of the game. Kris had a look at Wolfenstein: The New Order, the survival horror game, The Evil Within, also being published by Bethesda, and Peter went eyes on with inFamous Second Son.

A game that’s probably going to be one of the PS4’s headline games is Killzone: Shadow Fall, although Alex wasn’t overly impressed when he got his hands on the game, with issues that might be fixed by launch or more play time. Meanwhile Peter had a chat with designer Rex Crowle about Media Molecule’s upcoming game, Tearaway, and also shared his thoughts on why Killzone Mercenary might by Vita’s killer app.

Alex got stuck into Gran Turismo 6 and also listened to David Cage talk passionately about his upcoming game, Beyond: Two Souls. Lastly, Kris previewed The Division, which was one of the big surprises from E3, and was certainly my favourite thing to come out of the Expo.

Also coming from E3 were Peter, Alex and Kris’s E3 Diaries, in parts zeroone, two and three so far, giving you an insight into what it was like to be at E3. Alex also shared his thoughts on the Xbox One presentation, while Greg did a similar thing for the Playstation 4 presentation. Following both reveals and the conclusion of all the press conferences, Blair shared his excitement, declaring E3 ‘insane’.

For those of you who love the video sensation that is the TSAtv News Desk, this was also fired up for both the Microsoft and Sony conferences.

Moving onto the usual Community articles, gaffer101 showed off his gaming rig in the Chronicle, while Blair has the WeView Verdict for Metro 2033. WeView also had an E3-themed special, and the Verdict on E3 shows just some of your thoughts from the event in LA.

Aran’s A Matter of Perspective Series also had an E3 Special, which this time was focused on us, the gamers. Finally, Greg has What We Played #109 for you to see what everyone’s been playing this week.

Time to check out the forums, and there’s no points for guessing what we’ve been talking about this week:

And that’s it for what, as usual, has been TSA’s busiest week of the year. Hopefully I’ve got everything covered, and I’ll see you next week, bye!

By the way, I’m off on holiday next Saturday for a couple of weeks. I should be able to get the round-up done for next week, but just to warn you incase I have other stuff to do…

– Looks like Gazza, who wrote this, will be jetting off soon. In which case you’d probably have to put up with me, teflon! 



  1. I was hoping to join the Grid meet tomorrow but have friends coming up from London. Not sure what time so will join if I can, if there’s a free space.

    • Should be a free space cam. I’ll invite you to the chat when we start, just join it when/if your ready.

    • Cheers Manor.

  2. I wanted to join the K3 meet but the date isn’t good, should make another meet for tomorrow

  3. Good job I checked this article,I fancied playing Killzone 3 this week :)

  4. The question that hasn’t been asked yet … (surprisingly)

    What are the day one games on the PS4 and XB1?

    • They haven’t announced what the exact dates are as yet, and so I think only a few 1st party titles have been confirmed for day 1 launch. From the conferences, these are what I remember as being ready for launch:
      PS4: DriveClub, Killzone Shadow Fall, Knack
      X1: Forza 5, Ryse
      I’d expect 3rd party titles to definitely include FIFA 14 and Battlefield 4, and probably COD: Ghosts, Watch Dogs and AC: Black Flag depending when in November the consoles are released.

      • from that list WatchDogs is the one that gets me more enthused… 3rd party game…

  5. The yesterdays Motorstorm MEET was brilliant. Soooo much fun with Motalla and Wardy :D The moment when I was riding a bike and I see a Monster Truck dashing at me…:
    ” Who the hell is driving a monster truck here!?”
    …next second:
    “Buahaha, ha” – Motalla.
    Stay tuned for more Motorstorm: Apocalypse meets. The game is pure fun.

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