DayZ May Become PS4 Console Exclusive

DayZ, a standalone mod for Arma 2, may become yet another console exclusive for PlayStation 4 and once again it’s Microsoft’s restrictive publishing rules that have gained a win for Sony.

“We’re happy to see DayZ on any console but there is a… I guess one problem,” creator Dean Hall told Edge, “The console needs to not charge for us to do updates and it needs to be indie title friendly.”

Dean was also asked if the two console giants were still charging developers a fee for releasing patches and bug fixes.

“As far as I’m aware, Microsoft is, Sony’s not. And Sony allows you to self-publish. But who knows?”

“Maybe Microsoft will change. From our perspective, we need self-publishing because DayZ would be a great digital download title.”

Source: Edge


  1. and so another day was won for Sir Sony.

  2. I am actually really looking forward to this game, I played quite a lot of DayZ with friends but it was never quite “there” but had so much potential. I’m hoping this version lives up to it because if it does then I can see me and my friends playing this a lot.

    • I could see the promise when you showed me but I was laughing myself silly at the movements of the zombies! Was like Benny Hill… sped-up!

      However, if they truly commit to a professional looking title then it will hopefully be something epic and may well have my wallet twitching. :-)

  3. I play DayZ a lot. It’s good fun but buggy as hell. A stable console version would be great, a stable PS4 version even better still!

  4. Really liked the sound of this game. Can’t wait for the ps4 version. Surely more patches will get released on ps4 and the games will be more stable as a result?

  5. I’ll be very interested to see how the PS4 will handle Armas very open maps. Either way very excited!

  6. Wow look at those amazing graphics and animations! surley the PS4 cant pull a game of this calibur im blown away! :D

    • DayZ isn’t really about that, it’s just so immersive, one of my favourite games, especially when you’re playing with your friends.

  7. I loved the Dead Rising 3 E3 walkthrough, only to find out afterwards, it’s an Xbox exclusive.
    Shortly after I read Day Z, maybe a PS4 console exclusive. I’d take this trade off any day of the week. Lost count of the amount of Day Z videos i’ve watched(frankie1080p utube,) would absolutely love it to come to PS4.

    So if the PS4 can handle this, is there a chance Arma3 will grace the PS4? I live in hope.

  8. Afterthought. The DS4 touchpad, would be perfect for organising your inventory.
    A persistent (tsa)clan implementation would be a bonus.

  9. If I was a Sony exec, I’d be doing everything I possibly could to get Dean Hall and DayZ on board. It would be a massive feather in the PS4’s cap.

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