DriveClub Will Support All PS4 Wheels, Studio “Aiming” At 60FPS

We exclusively revealed details of DriveClub’s PS Plus Edition last week, followed up by detailed impressions of the game running on PlayStation 4 dev kits. DriveClub shows plenty of potential, and hopefully it can live up to expectations.

In a behind closed doors session with TheSixthAxis last week, Evolution’s Col Rodgers confirmed that the game will support every wheel that works with the PS4. Hopefully that also means that current PS3 wheels will also work just fine, although that’s not 100% guaranteed.

Demos of the game only featured DualShock 4 support.

Rodgers also confirmed that the game would support Remote Play on the Vita “wherever you have a Wi-fi connection” and said that with the PS4’s streaming tools you can “watch your friends playing online whenever you’ve got an internet connection” – presumably on multiple devices.

In terms of cars, DriveClub will feature plenty of non-Supercars, including “everything from hot hatches” upwards. Evolution haven’t announced any of the ‘slower’ cars yet.

When asked whether the game would support 60 frames per second, Rodgers confirmed that whilst the demos at E3 were running at 30, the team is “targetting” 60. “The game is obviously currently in development,” he told us, “we’re aiming towards that but aren’t making any promises right now.”

The game is 1080p native, though.

Finally, Rodgers re-iterated several times during our session that DriveClub will run as a “service model” game, in the sense that content will be continuously developed and pushed out to players. The game will be able to flex and change accordingly, and without requiring lengthy software updates on the part of the player.

“We can make changes in the background,” said Rodgers, “it might be the case that you’ll log on the next day and things will be better, everything about [the game] is just going to evolve.”

The game will launch alongside the PS4 in November.


  1. “The game will launch alongside the PS4 in November.”

    Did I miss something here? Everyone so sure it will come out in November now?

    • I’ve seen one store date the PS4 for 13th Nov and XBO for 21st Nov but nothing official apart from MS announcing November for XBO.

  2. Service model. Hmm…

    Hopefully that doesn’t mean it will be pushed out before it is ready. Didn’t someone say this PS4 launch title was only a third finished last week? Hmm…..

    • You’d be surprised how fast a game can come together once all the tech and engine under the hood are finalised. Besides, the demos at E3 will be at least a few months old, the demo will have been finished and undergone a short QA program before being at E3, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re 80% complete by now

  3. Is it possible to have something between 30fps and 60fps? I mena if they can’t get 60fps could they atleast get 50fps?

    • It’s possible, but 30 and 60 are the conventions as they match up with a TVs refresh rate. But modern televisions can support anything in between (and below) just fine. There’s worries about input lag and such, but I’ve never had any issues playing with a pc on an HDTV in odd rates.

      • yeah, God of War III ran at about 45 FPS.

  4. Didn’t Burnout Paradise run 60fps.

  5. I thought is was all super cars as that’s all we’ve seen but glad to hear there’s hot hatches and other non super cars.

  6. Looks quite nice but I’m properly rubbish at it. I crashed all the time when I tried to play it :( Can guarantee that’s just me sucking though, everyone else seemed to be rather good.

  7. Tell what would be awesome. Being able to buy any car I like via DLC. I’d love to drive and own the cars I’ve really owned. I remember many moons ago, having a mk1 Punto GT which I raced round GT2 in. I even had a silver Saxo VTR for a while which I played in GT. lots of work I know but it would be all kinds of awesome coated ace!

    • Aaaah my mate had a Uno Turbo like sitting in a tin box of death but when he got the Renualt 11 Turbo that was just like sitting in death!.

  8. I’m just hoping that the handling of the cars isn’t shit as that can really ruin a game IMO.

  9. Day one this for me as i will be downloading the Plus edition ;) and upgrading said Plus edition.

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