The Last Guardian Still “Exists”

Whilst it’s clear that development on Team Ico’s The Last Guardian has hardly been smooth, and numerous PR slip-ups over the years (including the very recent quote that the game was “on hiatus”) have dampened the excitement somewhat, it’s good to hear that the game is still alive.


So, Jack Tretton citation aside, where has this latest confirmation come from? Jim Ryan, or rather, a PR handler of his. During a very readable interview with The Metro, Ryan says that whilst there was “no news this E3” the company “might have more news on that” at some point in the future.

“It does still exist though? It hasn’t been cancelled?” asks the interviewer, to which the PR rep chips in with a solid “It does exist.”

So, the big questions remain: when is The Last Guardian going to get another airing? And on which platform: PS3, PS4 or PS Vita? Team Ico’s output has been nil all this current generation, and it’s not hard to assume that the game has now moved to next-gen. Let’s hope it lives up to the hype.



  1. There’s not really much hype left though is there? Yes, most people are hopeful for a release, but we’re no longer expecting the second coming. (should only take a new trailer to fix that though)

  2. Cancelled or terrible.

  3. My guess is that they tried to build something but for whatever reason the PS3 couldn’t handle it. Next gen but won’t be out for at least another 18 months.

  4. I forgot how weird that feathery cat bird thing is. Knowing the Japanese it’s native tongue will be doggy language too so it’ll bark.

  5. I’d still love Toriko to be on PS3, given that’s where it was conceived, but i guess PS4 could take it to a whole new level – Not that it didn’t already look jaw-dropping on PS3.

  6. existing isn’t the same as still being released.
    The question is, does Sony believe enough in TLG to invest more time and money into it to bring it to the PS4 or are they silently going to let it fad into obscurity. Team Ico’s games have been critically praised, but they don’t make alot of money, its unlikely it’ll make more than $50 million, so do you lose money for the sake of fans and pride or do you trim the fat?
    personally I think in the final days of the PS3 around that time when nex-gen becomes current-gen Sony will release TLG on PS3 just to say farewell to the PS3, one last hooray if you will, because even if its a complete mess people will be too distracted with the PS4 to care.
    I also believe giving what happened at team Ico its probably best if they just move on to a new project for the PS4 instead of bringing the old problems to a new platform. Sometimes you just need to move on or otherwise you’ll get nothing done. If team Ico keeps working on TLG Sony could consolidated team Ico and I rather have a team Ico then TLG if thats what it comes too.

    • The thing is, Team Ico is not pulling its weight. Sony wasted enough money on this already. If Studio Liverpool was disbanded because they were not profitable enough then the situation here seems so much more ridiculous.
      I can’t see them still existing if they fail to release TLG.
      Start work on a new project? That would mean paying them another 5 years until Sony MIGHT see some profit from a game release unless they turn it into another TLG…

  7. Watch this game just incredibly suck.

  8. Well, I’m still keen.

  9. This could well turn out like Aliens: Colonial Marines did.

  10. Just kill it. No game that took this long ever turned out great.

    • “Just kill it”. That’s pretty much what I’d say if I ever saw such a beast as the cat bird. Which leads me to reason as to why it has been delayed… Maybe one Monday morning they had a meeting and realised how absurd the beast looks which they can’t imagine anyone having an emotional link with which pretty much defeats the purpose of the game.

      • I think Sony needs a clear-out of its Japanese studios. PD is a joke (GT5 never delivered and 6 looks like the same game again), Team ICO has done absolutely nothing on the gaming front for god knows how long and should be taken off game development to concentrate solely on their console/engine technical work, and Japan Studio just keeps putting out niche titles which don’t sell and don’t make money (why the hell isn’t Patapon on PS3 yet?). Meanwhile Studio Liverpool is shuttered and Sony hand redundancy notices to some of their best game developers. Everything SCE needs is in the UK/Holland and the USA.

        Oh, and dear god hurry up and make David Cage an offer he can’t refuse.

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