August’s PlayStation Plus Could Include DmC And Spec Ops: The Line

July’s PlayStation Plus update was revealed earlier today – Battlefield 3 leads the charge this month – but a leaked image (above) suggests that we already know what’s coming next month.


The image has actually been around for a little while, and pre-dates today’s announcement, suggesting that – TBC’s aside – August’s titles are already locked down.

So, if it pans out, look out for Capcom’s DmC and the cool shooter Spec Ops: The Line, along with a couple of Vita games.

Of course, the ‘to be confirmed’ suggests that these things could shift around and the games might well change, but then some were saying that about July’s games and they panned out just fine.

We’ll see next month.



  1. Aww, I bought Spec Ops: The Line off ebay recently and haven’t played it yet!

    • Sell it before it comes public knowledge that it’s available on PS+

  2. Once I get a job I’m definitely resubscribing to Plus, no idea why I haven’t for the last 10 months.

    • It’s well worth it especially the game saves to the cloud, which could come in useful if you’ve suffered from the latest firmware update.

      • Luckily i haven’t been on my PS3 today. When I initially switched from my phat to slim the cloud save didn’t help tbh. I could only tranfser one save every 24 hours or something silly like that. Have they changed this?

      • That 24h limit is only enforced by some games now, 90% of my game collection doesn’t have it :)

  3. I do hope little kings doesn’t fall through. Ps3 DL list just gets ridiculously bigger.

    • Same here. I’ve only heard good things about this game but not £35 worth.

  4. Bit disappointed with July’s stuff. I already have BF3 and SR3 (and both on my HDD, so no trading in the old copies) and got into the demo (or was it a beta?) of Payday. If this is correct for August, I’m really looking forward to that. Always meant to pick up DMC but haven’t seen any really offers on it and intrigued by Spec Ops reputation as a shooter with a conscious.

  5. I’ve been waiting for Spec Ops to make its way to Plus. DmC would be a great addition too, I really enjoyed the demo and Ninja Theory deserve a lot more credit. They’re great developers.

  6. Bugger have both of them.

  7. Has anything from Activision ever appeared on +? Lots from 2K and Capcom but don;t recall anything from Acti.

    • Nope it’s usually the 2 you named & EA on plus.

      Expect Acti on the MS 2 free games monthly thingy

      • Square have had a few games as well.

  8. Holy crap, this is awesome ! Both games are on my ‘to buy list’ would be great to check them out before buying the boxed versions :D

  9. Brilliant next few months for me, apart from Spec Ops I don’t have any of the rest! Have been eyeing up Saints Row for a while too.

  10. Dose Sony send a reminder when your plus subscription is about to end? I just can’t remember when it’s due for renewal.

    • If you bought it over the store it’ll probably auto-renew (unless you turned it off of course.) The date it expires will be in your subscriptions which will be hidden somewhere in your account details on the ps3.

      • Thanks Daz, I’ll check when I get home then.

    • Its under your subscriptions in Account Management.
      However, if you have any PS Plus games that you have downloaded already, look at their information (triangle and then information) that will show when the licence for the game expires which is your PS Plus end date.

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