Microsoft Cut Features To Allow For DRM-Free Console, Will Need A Day One Patch

It looks like following Microsoft’s statement on their reversal of the restrictive DRM policies for the Xbox One, Vice President of Xbox Live Marc Whitten will be doing a round of interviews with US press this evening. First up is Kotaku, but there’ll be plenty more during the night.

“There’s a few things we won’t be able to deliver as a result of this change,” Whitten told the site. “One of the things we were very exicted about was ‘wherever we go my games are always with me.’ Now, of course your physical games won’t show up that way. The games you bought digitally will.”


“You’ll have to bring your discs with you to have your games with you.”

“Similarly, the sharing library [is something] we won’t be able to deliver at launch,” he added.

And despite the fact that the console doesn’t launch for another six months, it’s clear that tonight’s reversal won’t be quite as easily managed as some might think: the Xbox One will require a day one patch to enable the machine to run without the DRM and ‘always online’ policies in place.

Whitten confirmed that the Xbox One will be region free. “You could buy a console in any country and use it any country,” he said. “You can use any disc in that console.”

“We believe a lot in this digital future,” Whitten concluded. “We believe it builds an amazing experience – the ability to have a broader sharing platform and my content coming with me, [but] what we heard is people still wanted more choice, they wanted the familiarity of the physical disc.”

Via Kotaku.



  1. Rough translation.

    We saw most of our market share evaporate into the ether and watched as core gamers abandoned us in droves so u-turned while we had the chance.

    • You are not using Google translate there….you are too correct! lol

    • Mm mm that’s right ;D

  2. Will the day one patch change the American-centric TV ideas? But hey, I suppose it is good for those that really wanted one….

    • Nope they just moved the goal posts too make look like they listened and cared, I would say that they have offloaded all the DRM stuff to the server/cloud side where it could still be used

    • This prooves that everything they promised was fake. Behind all thtat talk about changing gaming and ‘let’s look at the future and our great plans’ there was nothing. Only dust and a desire to control customers and a free market.
      If they would have truly believed in their plans they would have not backed down. This is proof that there was nothing substantial behind their statements. It was all for show.

  3. The bring your games with you seems a bit silly for retail titles anyway, wouldn’t you have a 30GB+ download to contend with?

    • Maybe they presumed we all have a super fast internet and need time to get the barbecue on?

    • Yeah, hold on a minute. Didn’t the One require a full install of any disc-based games? Does this reverse that too? Because if you have all the game data on your hard drive then all the disc is, is a key.

      • I would guess that a full hard drive install is still required because developers are probably already relying on the speed of access that a hard drive provides versus Blu-ray.

  4. Didn’t MS say just the other day that they were happy with their system and won’t be changing things. Especially in response to Sony.

    • Seems the puppet master has pulled the strings of the Microsoft face guys!

    • Its not in response to Sony, its in response to TV personality Jimmy Fallon!

  5. “Will Need A Day One Patch” Hmm??? If it can be ‘Patched’ then it can be ‘un-Patched’ whenever MicroSoft want to??? i.e once everyone has bought the Console no??? Just a thought LoL:D

    • Trust is an issue now

    • Can we start charging you for each question mark you use please?

      • Microsoft would, and would then charge you more for using them digitally and not disc based question marks

      • Leave him alone!!!!!! Lol

      • Lol leave JBoo alone.

  6. This is actually terrible news for Sony, i can easily see xbox one as the first choice console for many people now.

    • Well apart from the whole $100 less thing and Mandatory Kinect and the fact it still requires a net connection to activate the game then yes.

      I’ll be buying one next year after a lower price and when more exclusives arrive.

      I’ll be using it like I do my 360 for 360 only games ala Halo/Gears/forza.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if they also announce a lower price soon (like 100$ cheaper). They’ll “over-deliver” even more, and their customers have to be even more thankful ;)

        But as you said, the privacy concerns associated with Kinect still persist. No sale :)

      • Activation of game discs is now out (which means game discs now always have to be in).

    • PS4 is way better spec. 50% more powerful according to those in the know. It’s also cheaper and build by a company that knows how to make great hardware.

      Microsoft have gone from having 10% of the market to 20% with this accouncement, that is all.

    • Very bizarre thing to say.

      A huge factor is price. HUGE. PS4 is $100 cheaper. It’s also more powerful, and doesn’t have mandatory Kinect. It also allows indies to self publish, so expect a wealth of exclusive indie games. I know these may not be system sellers, but they’re still games, and every little helps.

      • System sellers? take a look at MS E3 conference, and then at Sony’s…tell me which has more system sellers.

        The only reason Sony “won” was their DRM policy. With that gone, MS is definetly back in the fight.

        Ill be getting a PS4, dont get me wrong xD but this was certainly very bad for Sony.

      • I said that ‘indie games’ won’t be system sellers. The Xbox One certainly didn’t have any system sellers. Not to me anyway. If you’re thinking of Titanfall then forget it, as it’s on 360 and PC. The rest of the games looked average.

        Give me the PS4’s announced games over the Ones anyday, personally.

        And as I’ve said, yeah, Sony won’t be as flying high as they could have been now, but they’ve still got it heavily on lockdown. Price and power amongst other things.

      • It wasn’t just DRM that people are against, below is a quote from SuperPhillip but echos a lot of posts etc I’ve seen:
        “Kinect is still mandatory at this stage, and with all that is happening with the NSA in the United States, we still aren’t comfortable with the idea of an always-on Kinect.”

      • Also, Sony can whip out Uncharted 4 and whatever Media Molecule and their other studios are working on any time they want. I think Sony have thought out their media campaign for this year and actually didn’t show many big hitters at E3.

    • Terrible news for sony lol first choice for many people everythings forgiven Microsoft by the looks of things,your underpowerd over priced freaky allways watching listening kinect magic cloud requiring system is this Christmas’s must own device now it seems how things change :D

      • Ask xboxers what their issue with X1 was…price? no, kinect? nope, PS4 games? definetly no…DRM and always conection? yes.

        Now that the issue is gone, i see most of them sticking with MS, thats all.

      • I’ve had 360 and i have to say i used to stand in gamestation trying my best to find a game i actually wanted to buy among all the shooters and american sports games,there exclusives just don’t intrest me i do like shooters Halo is terrible and gears didn’t blow me away and sony have way more and better exclusives,and will it be the same this generation where for the last few years there has virtually been nothing for the 360,as for E3 nothing made me go wow i want a Xbox One and there people skills are a joke i knew my choice before E3 and it’s still the same.

      • Dont like shooters or sports, hate halo and gears…you definetly dont sound like the average xbox user.

      • I did say i like shooters i enjoy BF3 and COD but even the exclusivity of COD maps would’nt sway me but not all the american based sports games everywhere like Basketball and Baseball and american football the rest is just multi platform stuff,as i’ve said before the one series i would like to come to PS is the Trials series,if people want to buy Xbox One after these past few days then good on em,i’ve nothing against people going Xbox i just dont think the Xbox One is the better choice or that it will suddenly walk all over PS4 now thats all.

      • What i am saying though is i don’t like how Microsoft come across there attitude.

      • All im saying is that the main backlash of the X1 was the DRM, now that it is gone, a lot more people will consider buying it.

        I certainly dont think its the best system, but even before was massively preordered. Now, i can imagine it being a lot more, as many doubts xboxers had are resolved now.

  7. Simply make sharing with up to 10 people without a disk a feature of your digital purchases, include DLC in that and they’re on to a good policy – even if full priced games are slightly more digitally, the ability to share to anyone regardless of location can only be seen as a boon to some customers, add in better incentives to purchasers if the game is bought through digital channels and people will see benefits.

    • I don’t think the sharing thing was as good as it looked. Convenient, yes, but only one person could play a game at once. If I was sharing with my Son, we couldn’t both play Halo at the same time. It is essentially the same as having one physical disc between us. Just a little less hassle…

  8. If MS can so quickly do away with ‘always-on’ it just goes to show that the cloud computing was a late knee jerk reaction to Sony’s Gaikai. If it was an integral part of X1 they wouldn’t be able to ditch ‘always-on’ so fast as they would need to make changes to a lot of the games that have been in development for the last few years or so.

    • Possibly, it just means that Microsoft will mandate making cloud access in games optional now and will be able to put ‘Better with Cumulonimbus’ on the front of boxes, and it can only affect single player, because MP will be online connected anyway,

      We’re still 6 months away from anything getting released so there probably about a napkins worth of stuff that is set in stone for any title.

  9. So all the stuff about games not working as they require the cloud for processing and definately not for DRM was total and utter bollocks then. Nice to see Microsoft haven’t lost their sense of humour.

  10. MS have appeased the general gaming public while punishing those who’ve pre-ordered with sharing in consideration; by doing so they’ve given a direct line of blame, neatly bypassing themselves… They couldn’t manage a simple policy change without being a dick to part of their consumerbase. There’s also this: any talk of no digital resale is a bluff – it has to happen.

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