Nordic Games Still Planning THQ Titles

Back in April, small-time Swedish publisher Nordic Games acquired the rights to a grotto of leftover IP in the wake of THQ’s collapse. Sealing the deal at $4.9 million, the company bagged a suite of franchises including Darksiders and Red Faction as well as lesser known properties such as de Blob and Destroy All Humans!.

Nordic Games is currently waiting on remaining assets to be transferred from THQ and its developers before finalising its plans. However, the publisher has said that it is committed to restoring the most popular IP in its stable, namely Darksiders, Red Faction, and the MX series.


Business and product development director, Reinhart Pollice also voiced interest in other THQ property. Personally, he would like to see a follow-up to 2009 Wii-exclusive, Deadly Creatures. A fairly niche game in all respects, Deadly Creatures had players battling a host of creepy crawlies and reptiles as either scorpion or tarantula.

Nordic Games will be reviewing all of its recently-acquired properties on a “case-by-case” basis which will ultimately form the publisher’s release schedule looking into the future.

Source: Polygon



  1. I would love if they can match red faction guerrilla and with a touch of the original red faction on ps2 that would be epic. Darksiders , I haven’t played 2 yet but love one so good luck to them

    • Completely off subject… What the hell is your gravatar picture? I can’t figure it out and its bugging me!!!!

      • Lol it’s a teddy with a hat & 3D glasses

      • Cheers, it’s beginning to make sense to my eyes now :)

  2. OH YES there is hope for Destroy all humans yet!! HD re-releases of them all would be enough frankly.

  3. The first two Destroy All Humans games were quite fun.

    • I agree! And there was a nice selection of sci-fi B movies as unlockables too.

  4. Give me a Red Faction Guerilla sequel…

    • Definitely – Armageddon was very poor in comparison, some of the graphics were better, but it felt far more restricted as a game.

      • Yeah. I was hoping that Square Enix or Avalanche Studios (don’t know who owns the Just Cause IP) buy the IP and put Avalanche to work on it. They’ve done a great job with Just Cause 2 so I’d trust them to deliver a fun game. Let’s see how Mad Max turns out and hopefully Red Faction gets another chance. Yes, Armageddon was a turn… It wasn’t easy to admit after loving Guerilla as much as I did (and still do!).

      • Red Faction Guerilla sequel?
        YES PLEASE!
        In my opinion it is one of the best games this gen!
        gfx wise it was not superb, but the SP, fun, destruction and multiplayer were all very, VERY good!

  5. I’m definitely hoping for a new Darksiders. I loved the world, the setting, the story and the gameplay was enjoyable, if not ground breaking. I’m amazed at how nonchalant most gamers are about this IP. It’s one of the most characterful franchises of this generation and something I really want to see continue.

  6. Red Faction Guerrilla sequel please. Replayed it again recently…still looks and plays great. Armageddon was a poor follow-up.

  7. Red Faction campaign co-op would have me throwing money at people in the streets until someone produces the goods!

  8. I’d yum up a new De Blob or Destroy All Humans! Darksiders too. I’m still in slight disbelief that THQ went under. There’s so many great things in there.

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