PSN Update 19/06/13 – Thunder Wolves, Jak & Daxter Vita and Giana Sisters

The few weeks following E3 are traditionally quiet for game news and new releases. It’s a good time to slip a relatively unheard of game onto the PSN and hopefully catch some attention from a newly invigorated audience of gamers still wide-eyed after the E3 spectacle.

So it’s interesting to see Thunder Wolves appear on the PSN Store today. With nine helicopters and thirteen missions across four regions of the world, it’s got to be worth having a go with the trial before deciding if it’s worth the unlock. It’s also got a co-op mode where two of you can play as a pilot and a gunner.


Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams is a brand new platformer in a series that started off, many years ago, as a rather shameless Mario Bros clone. It’s come a long way though, developing into its own colourful, stylish platform adventure with its own identity and a very different look and dynamic.

The Vita is getting an HD “redux” of OMG Zombies that looks a little better on that OLED screen and boasts four times the number of death animations as well as trophies and five endings. We’ve also been promised the Jak & Daxter Trilogy for Vita today.

Back on the PS3 we’ll see Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara which combines two classic D&D arcade games – Tower of Doom and Shadow Over Mystara – into one HD bundle. The PS3 also gets Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War today. This combo-based hack-and-slasher depicts one of history’s greatest conflicts, between England and France, that sees you pick sides as a mercenary.

Aside from a few bits of DLC, like the free Solstice costume for LBP and a few cheap handguns for Resident Evil Revelations, that’s just about it for this week’s update.

The US Store got a Sonic Master Collection that bundled up nine of the hedgehog’s past outings. They also got a relaxed puzzler called Storm that sounds really interesting but we have no word on those for Europe just yet. They might appear later or we might have to wait for them. We’ll keep you updated.

Don’t forget that July’s Plus games were announced this morning too.



  1. Jak & Daxter is cross buy, yay

    • That’s good news, great games.

    • It is?! Yes!

      Oh wait, I don’t have enough space on my Vita. Dammit, expensive memory cards!

  2. Giana Sisters looks gorgeous, i might have to grab that.
    Here’s a video of the pc version to get an idea..

    • Downloading the trail now after watching this vid just to make sure i might enjoy it,i do enjoy a good platformer though they dont make em like they use to.

  3. Giana Sisters?! Holy Eff! I used to love that on my Amiga.

    • Same, very tempted by the new ver.

  4. Bladestorm’s worth a look, just for the voice-over work – falls nicely into the “so bad it’s good” category.

  5. Think I’ll give Thunder Wolves a go, really like the trail before buy.

    • I just searched for Thunder Wolves it says trail,but then when you go to it it says Disc only! all there is is a video.

  6. Been waiting for Thunder Wolves (Blue Thunder + Airwolf – clevah!)

    • I fear that joke will be lost on some of our younger members Tuffcub, but being an official older git myself I applaud it :-D

      • Yeah but where’s StreetHawk! lol

    • Also Thunder Blade?

  7. Oh well if were scraping the barrel Wardy then lets include Automan, MacGyver & Buck Rogers for good measure.

    • Beagly Beagly ok Buck ;D

    • Someone else who remembers Automan, nice one. Can I add Manimal too

    • What about Manimal?

  8. Good luck downloading any of it,psn is down.

    • PSN isn’t down well atleast not for me anyway.

      • Ah i see now dee it has indeed been down at certain intervals, i was just never signed out by it that is all.

  9. All is forgiven :-)

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