Rumours: Microsoft Have Changed Their Mind On Xbox One DRM

Update: this has been confirmed. Click here for full details.

The Xbox One has seen little but negative response in relation to the console’s restrictive DRM (digital rights management) and the fact that it needs to check in daily with Microsoft. People aren’t particularly happy with the way they can’t easily trade or rent games either.


Well, according to one site, that’s all about to change.

Is What HiFi? a trusted source of gaming news? I’m not sure, but they seem pretty confident: the site is claiming that Microsoft are about to do a 180 on some of the DRM rules, including the “always online” 24-hour issue.

“Microsoft is set to announce it will remove DRM restrictions on Xbox One games and the need for you to have the new Xbox always online,” it says.

“Sources tell that Microsoft is set to announce the changes later today, with games developers being informed first. It seems Microsoft has listened and is set to change its mind on both DRM on Xbox One games and the always online requirement.”

Microsoft previously said they wouldn’t change a thing with the Xbox One.

We’ll see.

Gaming site GiantBomb has also added fuel to this fire – they say there’s no longer an always on requirement, all game disks will work on One as they do on 360, there’s no need for online authentication for each game and rental restrictions have been dropped.

Apparently there’s also no region locks.

Sony made a big deal of the PlayStation 4’s DRM being similar to that of the PS3, which saw a huge amount of applause during their pre-E3 conference last week because it meant users could rent and trade games without any fuss, although that’s apparently publisher dependent.



  1. Seems very unlikely they’d just drop all their investment on their “One vision” crap. Besides, out of principle I simply can’t support a company that needs to be pushed to the absolute brink to dare do something that would benefit their paying consumers.

    • Exactly. Even if they drop this, their intentions were there to take us as fools.

    • They don’t need to drop it…. They just need to make it specific to digital copies, and make changes to Xbox marketplace, if digital copies are somehow seen as better value to consumers then they will take up that offer.

    • It’s a lose lose.

      Whatever they do, they will fail.

      • Yep i think a huge amount of damage has been done already, i wouldn’t trust the smug Don and his cronies at MS as far as i could throw them,and i think a thousands/millions won’t either,they’ll probably drop it reel a few in an then go back on there word again and implement it once more.

  2. What a mockery Microsoft will be if they backtrack now. It’ll highlight the misguided their vision for the Xbox One is. All this talk of the importance of the cloud – what will that say about the Titanfall exclusive?

    • I think they would have been seen as more foolish if they didn’t…. Realising there’s an issue and you’ve made a mistake and then to correct it is to be commended, even if they did act like the worldwide association of village idiots were in town.

  3. So all that stuff about how it’s better for the user and is necessary for the Cloud to function was BS then? What a surprise!

    • Yeah erm well you know all those things we said well erm… :D

  4. I will literally piss myself if this is true lol, What an amazing couple of days its been. Comedy Gold ;D

    • You’ll be needing a change of clothes about now :-}

  5. Excuse the latest system update failure pun but if this is true Microsoft must be bricking it & they’ll probably pretend they’re trying to please the customer & deny the fact they’ve had a scare. This even strengthens my stubborness of not buying one out of principal. One word… WEASELS! Lol

  6. Didn’t take them long, they obviously weren’t that confident with their policies then. That’s big news if it’s true though. Wow.

  7. Let’s wait and see if these rumours are actually true. At the moment I don’t really believe it, because their whole concept of “all games are installed completely to the HDD” and “your digital game library that you can access from anywhere via the cloud” is based on those DRM checks. Maybe they found another way to lock a game to a single account?
    But as long as they stick to the requirement that the Kinect camera has to be connected at all times, they still got a major problem. It’s the main deal-breaker in my opinion.

  8. After everything that’s happened recently, there’s still a chance they’ve recognised what they did wrong? Really? Damn, guess we’d better start checking to see if pigs are growing wings yet then.

  9. This won’t happen. Not if Major Nelson has anything to do it!

    I’m actually hoping they do not backtrack, as i want to see them burn for how they treated their customers.

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