Hotline Miami “Probably” Landing On Vita Next Week

Devolver’s hugely successful indie hit Hotline Miami is – via Dutch developers Abstraction Games – coming to PlayStation Vita. We already know this. What we didn’t know is the release date which, according to the official Twitter for the game, is next week.

“It’s coming to PlayStation Vita,” says a Tweet in response to a question, “probably next week.”

Hopefully that means a European release if it’s not Worldwide. The game is a brilliant, retro-styled top-down shooter with stunning music and gameplay that fits the handheld format perfectly. Hopes are high that the port is a good one.


  1. I kept meaning to but never did pick this up on PC, perfect chance to play something on my Vita again.

  2. I might even get this a second time just to have it. It’s a brilliant game and the music is even better.

  3. I would buy it, but this next month is going to be taken up with some PSP sale games: Persona 3 at £11.99, Sonic Rivals 2 at £1.59 and Ass Creed Bloodlines at £3.99 and maybe a new 32gb card damn damn damn u Sony with no 64 or 128gb cards.

  4. Apologies to all on TSA with regards to my constant rant about Vita memory cards. I’m hoping if enough people rant, that Sony will do a ‘Microsoft’ and bend to our will! lol

  5. Well I got it on the PC from GOG, and I will be getting this on the Vita :) perfect for hand held gaming I think :)

  6. It says PS3 and PS Vita at the end of the video – cross buy and cross play maybe?
    Fingers crossed.

  7. Cool, as this’ll be a perfect fit on the Vita…….a PS3 version would be good too as you would be playing it on a big telly. :)

  8. Game are already selling the little redeem cards for this in-store – £6.29 for both versions :)

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