Call Of Duty: Ghosts Demo Shows Off Dog Control. Yep

Last week TheSixthAxis was invited to a behind closed doors demo of the new Call of Duty, Ghosts. We were shown sections of three different levels, one of which was exclusive to E3 (at least for now).

Whilst it looked sharp enough, one of the things that stood out (in the first level shown) was the dog control – yep, you can control Riley. Our demonstrator (we didn’t actually get to play the game) explained that this was due to a fancy chip in the dog’s collar, but likely translates to just pushing left and right on the analog stick.


Regardless, the same demo – pretty much beat for beat – was also shown on American TV last night on the Jimmy Fallon show. The clip is below.

The other two levels we saw at E3 (seriously, the one above plays out almost identically, right down to the way Riley jumps in through the window and the resulting slow-mo exploding door) included an underwater stealthy section and a night-time raid of a data centre, which involved lots of climbing down a big building really slowly.

Ghosts is out later this year, across current and next gen platforms. The new engine for the game boasts some cool tessellation tech, which should in theory mean that even close up the models look rounded and rich.

And a dog.



  1. What a great is idea… Let the gamer play as a dog! I’ve got nothing against dogs but I don’t want to play as one. Are they barking mad!
    I know, following the success of Duck Hunt, lets bring out Fox Hunt and you can play as a Foxhound.

    • Excuse the random ‘is’. It’s hard typing with these paws.

  2. Killer dogs. Sure. Why not. This is what I’ve been waiting for.

  3. Call of Duty’s gone to the dogs…

    • let me apologise in advance for what i’m about to do.

      bow wow, that joke is ruff. ^_^

      • Haha ;) Cheap, but I couldn’t resist.

        I do enjoy the single player of Infinity Wards’ CoDs, as they’re pretty easy to pick up and play so I will probably get this. (Although I’ll probably get BF4 too)!

        Shame not much details has done into the character’s movement though, for example, his hands/arms remain rigid to the weapon when he jumps down. Playing as the dog is a bit gimicky, but I don’t mind, should be fun!

    • Chi-wa wa PWN german sherpard.

  4. I’m usually not into Infinity Ward’s entrants in the series at all, but it now looks like they’re at least trying to not produce their usual clusterfuck.

    Question remains though, is it as good a game featuring a dog as Shadow Dancer.

    • No way! If my memory serves me correctly, wasn’t shadow dancer pretty much Shinobi but in a white ninja suit with a dog?

    • CC, how did you add the link to your comment? Is this something only you red box people are allowed to do? Did you create it by the power of Greyskull?

      • I have the POWERRRRRRRRRRRRR!

        Just some HTML, anyone can add some basic tags to a comment, but not closing them properly can fuck up the page for everyone else.

  5. play as a dog, but not a woman. >_<

    anyway, as somebody who doesn't care much for the COD series, i don't see anything in the latest game to really get me interested.
    though, i'm sure fans of the series will enjoy it.

  6. It’s bound to play out pretty much identically, give how closely bound to set pieces CoD (and the rest of the genre, I might add) is.

    I’d personally expect Treyarch to be the team to start pushing the series out to a more open arenas of battle, and we are seeing BF4 seemingly bringing the open spaces and options from the multiplayer back to the SP experience, alongside Shadow Fall having great big spaces…

    So there is hope yet, but for Ghosts? I expect it to be scripted and absolutely controlled by the devs.

  7. After watching that my view still hasn’t changed – it looks quite awkward to control. Also, as Teflon says above, it looks heavily scripted. I’m guessing you can only use your dog in certain sections of the game.

    • Nope, I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that if you play & complete the whole game as the dog you get a gold trophy. I think the trophy/achievement is called something like ‘Crufts’.

  8. Can it collect dogtags?

    • Nope, but if you’re dog is caught fouling in the game you can collect a fine and lose Microsoft Points.

  9. The dog better be a scorestreak reward in multi-player!

  10. I usually buy CoD to play online with my nephew, but TBH, Battlefield is looking the better bet this year. I’ve nothing against CoD Ghosts, I just feel that (minus the dog) it’s more of the same. As I’ve never bought any of the Battlefield games (apart from BF 1943 on PSN) it’ll be a totally new experience to me.
    Mind you, it’ll probably depend on whether I like BF3 from Plus or not.

    • You do realise there’s no lazer guns or light sabres don’t ya?

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