Rumour: Sony Planning To Allow Users To Hide Trophies

Rumour has it that Sony are planning to let users hide their Trophy counts and lists, something that probably should have been an option a long time ago. Not everyone wants everyone else to know what games they’re playing and when, and privacy options are something Microsoft have been particularly good at with the Xbox 360.


The seeds of this rumour come from a “well-placed source” and a few snippets of code apparently found in the latest firmware, the pulled (and rather dodgy) 4.45.

According to those able to do a bit of digging, there are API references to “set_privacy_level” and “get_privacy_level” in the latest system software, suggesting that it’ll be a system-wide option, and one that probably won’t be too far down the line. The video above is of the PS4’s user interface – that’ll almost certainly echo any changes the PS3 sees.

4.45 also offered users the option to hide Trophy notifications, something that can be particularly distracting and are something that at least one developer, Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream head David Cage, would rather not see during a game at all.



  1. So is it safe to install FW 4.45 as it auto downloaded and I haven’t powered up the PS3 since all the bricking reports! It’s got a 1 TB HDD in if that’s relevant??

    • Absolutely not, wait until Sony release a new firmware that’s fully tested and working across all variants of HDD!
      You’d be best to delete that FW 4.45 if that’s possible?

      • It is, turn on the console, it will tell you to install the new firmware from the ‘System Update’ icon in the Settings menu of the XMB. Go to settings, but instead navigate to system settings, and turn off PS+ Automatic downloading.

        Next reboot the console.

        When it restarts, go to the settings menu. If you click ‘System Update’ a message will now appear telling you that the latest firmware is installed. You can now activate the PS+ automatic update option again and everything will carry on working as normal.

        Hope that helps :)

  2. Great addition, hopefully one day an option to fully delete some of those games trophies that sit at one or two collected with no hope of he game ever being played again. But for now this new option will do nicely ;)

    • I have been hoping for that option too, having played a game and not liked it I am either shown as having 1 trophy or none at all but it is still in my list.

      • Indeed, they all add to slowing down the syncing time taken considerably as well as looking fugly on the list!

      • I’d actually rather them there, helps me know what games I’ve played, those that need finishing and what not.
        Thankfully I’m not too OCD to get annoyed by them :P

      • Each to there own @Origami Killer.
        I have got lot of empty or next to empty trophys just because I rent the games from lovefilm. So personaly I would love if it ever became possible to delete my trophys.

  3. could do with that on 360, hide any DOAX 2 achievements.

    not that i’ve got any. >_>

  4. Why would someone want to hide their trophies or a list of games that they have played? Do they feel insecure about their gaming choices? (I honestly don’t see the point.)

  5. I thought that at first but I can kinda see where they’re coming from as I had a neat collection of trophies ’til my brother came over with my nephew. Since then my tidy trophy collection has a big LEGO STARWARS AGE 2-4 YEARS (or something similar) – 1 Bronze – which stands out a mile LOL
    Not too bothered now though, I think the novelty factor worn off a bit. Saying that though I’m tempted to make a new ID and start again when I get a PS4 and relive the novelty factor.

    • That was a reply to KeRaSh. Meant to be anyway.

  6. Now I can play Hannah Montana The Movie for the easy trophies without anyone knowing………

  7. Should just allow you to delete them. I have lots of games (more so with PS+) which have 1 or no trophies and will never be played again, games I tried and thought were rubbish. I’d rather not have to sync these games or have the trophies displayed to me, let alone others. :-)

  8. I want to be online but people can’t see that i am online feature. I am so unsociable LoL:D

    • Aye man. That option would be great, as sometimes I can’t be arsed with getting messages to join CoD or similar when I’m not even playing those games. ;)

      Most trophy “hoors” I know would like more ways to show off their trophies never mind hide them. :D

  9. So they can hide Hannah Montana trophies =P

  10. LOL – good idea i suppose, however if you are ashamed of playing Leisure suit larry, then just dont play it…

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