TSAtv Newsdesk #1: Xbox One, The Last of Us, and Dodgy Updates

It’s finally time for the first proper weekly episode of TSAtv Newsdesk! If you don’t know Newsdesk, we’re talking short video roundups of all the week’s biggest news and announcements. In episode #1, there’s talk of PlayStation Plus on PS4, Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate for PS3 and Vita, and even a mention of Beyond Good & Evil 2. As ever, we hope you enjoy it, and feel free to leave us feedback here in the comments, or over on Twitter and Facebook.

But wait! To celebrate the launch of Newsdesk, we’re having a bit of a giveaway, just because you’re awesome. There are all sorts of games up for grabs over the next few weeks, including Alan Wake for PC, Rymdkapsel for PlayStation Mobile, and FIFA 13 for Vita – all you need to do to enter is subscribe to our YouTube channel, then leave a comment underneath the episode one video over on YouTube itself. As always, the TSA terms and conditions apply.



  1. Wonderful stuff. Well done gents.

  2. *thumbs up*

  3. Very good first episode.
    I can’t believe EA are letting Battlefield 4 early access go to Xbox, thoroughly discussing old chap :-)

    • You’re really surprised?? EA & MS have been very cosy since about 2005! Hopefully with a new girl in town somebody’s head will be swayed? Nah, screw em they belong together :)

      • No I’m not really surprised. That’s what I meant “thoroughly disgusting old chap” said with irony. What with all the money MS are said to be splashing around.

      • In speech marks is what it’s meant to say :-)

  4. Great video guys. I’m not always one for watching stuff like this but that was genuinely very interesting. Plus the speed of which it was read was good. Sometimes on these videos the reader takes ages to get to the point. This was straight to the point.

  5. Quality stuff guys, nice wrap-up of the weeks events.

  6. Nice first episode. Will probably make this a regular watch.

  7. What a great feature for the weekend, brilliant work guys!

  8. been a subscriber to the TSA channel for ages.

    anyway, i good first ep, well done, easy to understand, it almost seemed, gasp, professional.
    joking about it being gaspworthy, not about it being professional.

    like i said, long time subscriber so, if you make the videos, i’ll watch em.

    and hey, watching a video is easier than reading right? ^_^

  9. Nice summation of the weeks events. Don’t have a YouTube account otherwise I’d join up! Keep up the great work guys!

  10. Yay for not having to read stuff!

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