Dare To Fly Launching Exclusively On PSN This Week

Quirky adventure game Dare To Fly will be launching on PSN as part of this week’s regular update.


Developed by Indian based Gameshastra, Dare To Fly tells the story of four flightless birds as they attempt to achieve the impossible. Players will assume the role of an ostrich, rooster, kiwi, and penguin, all of which are controlled through various courses using either Move or SixAxis.

At £3.99/€4.99 it looks like a bit of flighty fun and gives gamers an excuse to dust-off their Move wands after a lengthy hiatus.

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. Looks like it might be fun, perfect antidote for the grim mood the last of us puts you into :)

  2. Sounds bonkers, not sure if i’ll dust off the Move for it though.

  3. Well, my Move controllers does not need a dusting off. I have been playing/am playing Diggs Nightcrawler, Echochrome ii and Oddworld. Furthermore I have Portal 2 waiting on the shelf. This could be interesting, however, the waggling with ones arms sounds a bit Kinect to me.

    • I enjoyed a few games on Move, Tumble and echochrome ii were better examples (there’s a few echochrome ii inspired LBP-Move levels out there btw) but i just haven’t bothered with it for ages.
      Diggs Nightcrawler does look cool though, i might just dust the Move off for that ;)

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