Gran Turismo 6 Anniversary Edition Detailed

Gran Turismo 6 is set to release this winter on the PlayStation 3, with a next-gen release still not confirmed. As well as a standard edition of the game there will be a celebratory Anniversary Edition, which was detailed today.



The Anniversary Edition includes:

  • Special Polyphony designed 15th Anniversary Steelbook (what you see here is not the final pack design)
  • GT6 game
  • 1M in-game credits
  • 20 cars with special 15th Anniversary custom livery and performance enhancement
  • Custom paint chips, custom race suit, custom race helmet and custom avatars
  • Apex II, a brand new updated version of the Apex game guide

There’s no information on the price of this edition. A new PS3 and Gran Turismo 6 (Anniversary Edition) bundle will also release later this year.

We played GT6 recently – find out what we thought of it here.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. From the blog:

    Glad you like the line up! The RRP for the Standard Edition is €69.99, Anniversary Edition RRP is €79.99 or local market equivalent prices

    • Ahh thanks. They hadn’t replied to any comments when I was typing this up.

    • Is it just me or is that standard edition 10€ more expensive than the regular RRP?

      • Don’t think so, this is euros, not £ sterling.

  2. 15th anniversary?

    Who wants to tell them that Gran Turismo actually came out at the end of 1997…

    Making Gran Turismo 6’s release fall on nearly the 16th anniversary of the original’s release.

    Although I suppose it didn’t release in the west until May of 1998, which might make GT6’s release just about closer 15 years on from Gran Turismo’s western release instead of 16 years.

    • I think they are going by the EU release given that is their main market.

  3. Not interested unless it has a season pass considering the monthly DLC they’ve got planned.

    And someone has to tell them to get rid of those truly awful paint items and give us a colour grid and wheel. It’s not 1997 anymore!

  4. Mmm…. Sweet 16. Gran Turismo is legal, finally!

  5. The credits at the end of games are long enough already, why have one million of them?

  6. That looks to be priced inline with the Collectors edition of GT5, that had the same sort of extras included. I wonder if there’ll be a top tier Signature or similar edition released that was around a 150 of your British Sterling coins….I’d suspect there will be!

  7. I don’t WANT a million in-game credits. That struggle for credits at the start of a Gran Turismo career is one of the most fun parts for me. Do you upgrade your car or save up for a different one? Is there anything decent in the used car dealer, shall I try again tomorrow? What can you buy that will grant entry to the widest choice of races? I like that.

    • Same, basic game for me…………..rags to riches ;)

    • Werd!
      earning the cash for upgrades is what it’s all about.

  8. It’s been confirmed that the bonus cars issued with the special editions of the game will be included in the basic game for unlock and/or in game credit purchase. They just need to be earn’t ;)

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