KidzPLAY PS3 Controllers To Launch This Summer


If the life cycle of the PlayStation 2 is anything to go by as the PlayStation 3 grows old gracefully it will become the home for games for the younger generations.


Accessories 4 Technology, the chaps behind the 4Gamers brand of peripherals, are to launch the KidzPLAY range kiddy specific joy-pads later this year with a view to selling them to to those who play Skylanders or the forthcoming Disney Infinity game.

The pads have a different layout to normal PS3 controllers and will have built-in key features specific to the needs of the younger gamer.  The controllers will also contain an anti-microbial additive which provides continuous protection against 99.9% of bacteria within 24 hours and lasts for the expected lifetime of the product.

Source: Press Release. 



  1. what on earth was wrong with the ds3?

    • You might find that these controllers are quite small and very young children will put them on the floor and play with them like that, perhaps. I hope so as those button configs look horrid, to me.

  2. Good idea/Bad idea.
    The colours and shape might be comfortable for kids but it won’t get them used to the proper Dualshock layout and it’s an additional cost on top of the game/console.

  3. These are marvellous. A ds3 controller is too big for a little kid to hold and use at the same time. These are perfect as they sit in the lap. Shame they’ve come so late and they’re unlikely to be usable with the ps4,right?

    • how small are these then? i’ve always thought the ds3 was already a small controller.

  4. I would’ve been nicer to see a mini DS3. My girlfriends 4 and 9 year old nephews both struggle with regular sized controllers but they understand the layouts so all they need is something suitable for their little fingers. These would be a bit patronisingly toddler-ish for them.

  5. Yeah, a smaller DS3 would be better, this looks like a Fischer-Price toy.

    Hand them a Duke though, and they’ll never complain again.

  6. I’m gonna pick one of these up, there are a few games I reckon my daughter would love but mastering a DS3 hasn’t happened yet.

  7. One thing im wondering is what happens when a game requires any of the 4 R or L shoulder buttons as i don’t believe these have them.

    • Probably not required for the games these are aimed at, Disney type games, but they’ll need to be as cheap as possible to allow for replacement after being chucked, drowned, stood on, taken out to the garden etc. R1 and L1 might up production costs too much. :P

  8. Anti-microbials are the work of the devil. All we are doing is breeding a nation of allergy kids with lousy immune systems. A bit of bacteria is good for you, it drives me mad when these toys are advertised as safer for your children.

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