News Snatch: The Last Of Us DLC, Diablo 3 PS3 And Why Ryse Dropped Kinect

Another rather huge Snatch as we are still recieving goodies from the seemingly endless bounty of E3, new for today is footage of Diablo 3 on PlayStation 3 including a look at the four player same screen co-op.


Crytek have revealed they built three prototype versions of Ryse: Son Of Rome. One prototype only used Kinect (and included “tricks to disguise input lag”), a second combined Kinect with a pad and the third was controlled with just a joypad.

“Microsoft and Crytek sat together at a table and said, ‘Are we still doing this game Kinect-based?’ Then effectively we and Microsoft, though nobody dared to say it to each other [at first], found that this was not the right way to go forward,” commented Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli.

“[We were both worried] core gamers may not yet be convinced to use Kinect.”

Kinect launched in November 2010 and is a mandatory component of Xbox One which will hit the shops around November 2013. Three years of work and Microsoft are still not convinced that core gamers like Kinect.

Maybe, perhaps, and this is just a hunch – they don’t?

Some exciting Wii U news for all two of you who still have the console still plugged in to the TV – there’s a new game on the way! The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup will be coming to the Wii U eShop! Hurrah! A game! For the Wii U! And you only have to wait until sometime in 2014!


Kneel before Zod! Alternatively, download him as DLC for Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Zeboyd Games (Cthulhu Saves the World, Penny Arcade’s On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness) are switching to the Unity engine and say “No promises yet on which platforms we’ll be supporting with our next game, but in addition to PC, we’d especially like to add Mac, PS4, and Vita to our list of systems that can play our games.”

LoveFilm have updated their Xbox 360 app with an improved search function and recommendation engine and also an optimised user interface.

In slightly related news – and I have no idea how old this is because it’s the first time I have fired up 4OD on my PS3 for months – the 4OD app on PS3 has been updated. Well worth a gander if you want to catch up the rather excellent The Returned.

Fez was the darling of Xbox 360, then things went a little wonky when it came to patching bugs in the game. Due to those pesky publisher requirements, Fez 2 will not grace any Microsoft platforms.

“I’d love to release my games on every platform,” tweeted Phil Fish, “But Microsoft is making it impossible for me to release on theirs.”

Registration for the Xbox One exclusive Project Spark beta has opened, tickle this link if you want to sign up. Probably best if you pre-order a Xbox One as well.

FIFA 14 is also on the look out for testers but you will have to make your way to the EA studio in Guildford, tickle this other link for that opportunity.

Time for another video which shows off the rather impressive Frostbite 3 engine that is powering pretty much every EA game going forward including Battlefield 4 and Need For Speed Rivals.

Staying with EA they have revealed that NBA Live 14 will be exclusive to next gen due to something technical thing involving player stats which I would completely mess up if I tried to explain.

The first DLC for The Last Of Us will be a single player episode set early on the game. Naughty Dog also revealed that they had to borrow “a bunch of people” from the second development team.

We still do not know what this team has been working on but if it’s not Uncharted PS4 I shall eat one of my very stylish hats.

Nordic Games has purchased the IPs for Desperados (last seen in 2006) and Silver (M.I.A. since 1999) from Atari.

Dead Nation is coming to PS Vita but not by the hands of Housemarque. “Nosotros no estamos haciendo esa version, vas a tener que esperar a que Sony diga mas noticias!” they said, which roughly translates to “We are not making this version, you’ll have to wait until Sony release further information.”

And Finally, more Killer Is Dead weirdness including – if the YouTube still image above is anything to go by – an Egyptian man with a chunk of Toblerone for a dinkle. He’s trimming his toe nails in the video, as you do.

The game includes a “Gigolo Mode,” in which the gamer chats up woman at a bar and uses x-ray specs to perv at her panties.

“I think in a way when you get criticism, that means people are paying attention to your work,” Suda told via a translator. “Any kind of artistic value, anything you create, there’s always some kind of criticism behind it. Which means we’re making an impression and an impact. So I think we’ll stay with what we’re thinking and just keep going with that way of thinking… And when I say that, sexuality is a touchy subject. We don’t want to make people offended, but we’re trying to create something that makes people laugh a bit because we’re [dealing with] that topic.”

The presentation of women as sex objects who can be stripped without their permission! So funny!



  1. The less kinect use, the better. No interest in arm waving, shouty gaming. Control pad is just fine.

  2. Since I first heard about it, I’ve wanted to look forward to “Killer I Dead”, but I just don’t have a clue what kind of game it’s going to be. As much as it suits Suda51’s style, all the marketing for it so far has been almost completely unitelligible, even more so after the announcement of this new, rather creepy and immature mode. Also, just because I want to play devil’s advocate to the sarcastic final comment.
    “The presentation of women as sex objects who can be stripped without their permission! So funny!”
    I would say the presentation of men as blood-hungry perverts who parade around in nothing but golden codpieces and bondage is equally hillarious.

  3. Not being a PC gamer, I know nothing about Diablo. But, I have to say – it’s looking like our family Baulders Gate substitute (love the 4 player couch co-op). And out in time for Christmas! Awesome. Now, I wonder when the PS4 version will arrive…

  4. BF4 looks amazing, glad to hear TLoU’s first DLC is single player, and I just hope Dead Nation has a cross-save feature (shoud be easy enough if the online infrastructure is still there) as I don’t want to have to complete that game on the hardest setting again! :(

  5. MS worried that core gamers dont like kinnect – now where on earth would they get a daft idea like that?? ;)

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