Sony Will Announce New PS4 Games In August

Sony’s pre-E3 press conference was solid, if not a little unspectacular (aside from the now slightly dated DRM bombshells). There were few new PS4 game announcements, for example, even if Ready At Dawn’s new title looked interesting.

But, whilst E3 was used to cement the PS4’s proposition and show off the hardware, it’ll be down to gamescom in August for the big news – as ever. The August show will, according to the interview dropped below, be home to new PS4 game reveals.

“There’s a lot going on”, says Jim Ryan when talking about the PlayStation 4 in an interesting chat with European press. “We just need to keep stuff back. There’s gamescom for us Europeans,” he added, “we need to have something to show at gamescom, don’t we?”

What those titles will be is anyone’s guess – but hopefully we’ll also hear about a concrete release date and news of locked-down launch titles that’ll appear alongside DriveClub.



  1. LBP and Uncharted.

    • I suspect you’re right but I hope Naughty Dog and Media Molecule do something totally new for PS4 as well. The Last Of Us shows how new IP can be both a critical AND commercial success so I hope there is more like that to come

      • I don’t think LBP will be from Media Molecule. They may well show an actual game off after there brief display at the Feb PS4 reveal.

        Could well be very EU dev focused. New IP from Guerrilla, MM, what ever Sony London are working and maybe Tarsier and Zindagi.

        There’s a lot of new IP and PS4 Sony games due out in year one that haven’t been announced.

  2. The last guardian, GG new game

  3. Uncharted 4

  4. A native PS4 version of Gran Turismo? :)

  5. Yes!!
    I’ll be attending Gamescom for three days :-)
    I was kinda worried it became a 99% Vita Gamescom, but this looks good.

    I don’t think there is gonna be an Uncharted 4 though.
    Hope it is gonna be the new IPs from Nauthy Dog and GG (at least).

    • Could a 2nd Uncharted for Vita by Sony Bend.

  6. I would really love to hear news about a good space sim like Star Citizen being ported over to the PS4, I can wish i suppose.

    • Elite IV is still out there and my fingers are crossed :)

      • Elite IV, that’d be great but don’t hold your breath :(

      • He’s got a point. That could lead to asphyxiation.

  7. I can’t see there being another Uncharted, not starring Drake anyway. There’s plenty of characters for a spin-off though.

    • Could base it around his namesake maybe? By that I mean Francis not the Canadian rapper.

      • Or maybe the Dawn of the Wolf billboard will turn out to be a PS4 game after all

  8. I hope we will see something absolutely new that will blow our minds, something that nobody else is doing. With gameplay included, of course.
    And gameplay for The Order

  9. Fallout 4 gets announced and I’m dropping whatever I’m doing to put down a pre-order.

  10. Gods of War

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