Kojima Looking For Someone To Make A Fox Engine Version Of Metal Gear Solid

This one’s come from nowhere. Apparently – and you’ll have to have a bit of a dig around – Kojima is actively searching for a development studio to make a Fox Engine version of the first Metal Gear Solid. Yes, the original PlayStation game.


The news comes via a recent press-only session at E3, into which a MGS ‘fan’ sneaked. The fan then proceeded to request Fox Engine updates for the first two Solid games, to which Kojima replied that he was already doing that – at least for the first game.

“He noted that some of the mechanics would need updating,” says one source, “but apparently he’s keen on a second remake following Silicon Knights’ Gamecube adapation Twin Snakes and HD releases of the original game.”



  1. I guess you would have to apply for a special license of the Fox Engine for this, as it’s not the type of engine which Joe Public has access to. Would love to see the game made in the Fox Engine though! I just don’t know how practical it is considering how restricted the access to such an engine is.

  2. Oh man, that would be great. I played this game from start to finish in one day at my nephew’s (while I should’ve been studying).

    It was just so great.

    But i think the graphics with put me off to play it again, so an update to next gen would be amazing.

    • Graphics don’t make a difference to this game for me. I played it again not so long ago and enjoyed every minute!

  3. This makes me very excited. I still think Metal Gear Solid is the best in the series, certainly in terms of story, and would love to see it looking all shiny, shiny.

  4. Metal gear solid HD! I’m in.

    • Me too! Best idea ever, I haven’t played the first one yet so this will give me the chance.

  5. Outstanding news.had been hoping for something like this for years since Twin Snakes (awesome game), thought at 1 point they might have gone for it after Snake Eater or Peace Walker or at very least using the MGS 4 engine.

    MGS was the reason i had my PS1 ‘chipped’ (Which paid off in droves, Silent Hill as it was meant to be, Parasite Eve, Einhander, MGS, Xenogears, erm…Thrill Kill?).

    Question is though, who’s best studio to do game justice? i don’t want this farmed out to cheapest bidder or those with time to do it.

    • I wouldn’t mind seeing what ND could do with it.

  6. Returning to Shadow Moses in MGS4 was one of the best moments i’ve ever experienced in a game. This is a remake I’d love to see.

  7. THIS, So much THIS! I’m usually one of those that believe that MGS should remain untouched. But hey, why the F*** not! :D

  8. Awesome news! I think I’d prefer a gloriously rendered top-down remake rather than a 3D reimagining like Twin Snakes, but anything that sticks by the core gameplay and amazing plot will be brilliant I’m sure. If anyone picks this up they’d bloody better either use the original soundtrack and voices or get the original cast back in, especially David Hayter!

  9. Ask MicroSoft Kojima??? You seem to be in bed with them lately LoL:D

  10. Do it. I have the original for ps1 and GameCube and I’d still buy this :-)

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