Kojima Looking For Someone To Make A Fox Engine Version Of Metal Gear Solid

This one’s come from nowhere. Apparently – and you’ll have to have a bit of a dig around – Kojima is actively searching for a development studio to make a Fox Engine version of the first Metal Gear Solid. Yes, the original PlayStation game.


The news comes via a recent press-only session at E3, into which a MGS ‘fan’ sneaked. The fan then proceeded to request Fox Engine updates for the first two Solid games, to which Kojima replied that he was already doing that – at least for the first game.

“He noted that some of the mechanics would need updating,” says one source, “but apparently he’s keen on a second remake following Silicon Knights’ Gamecube adapation Twin Snakes and HD releases of the original game.”



  1. Just make sure you get the voice work right!

  2. If someone would do it I just hope they do NOT change anything in the gameplay ! MGS was perfect in all aspects, changing anything in the whole gameplay could be a disaster in my opinion.

  3. *changes pants*

    • Hah, E3 must’ve blown your underwear budget!

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