Sony To Focus On PS4 At Gamescom

Sony will focus on the PlayStation 4 this August at the annual gamescom games convention.

“2013 continues to be one of the most exciting years ever for video games fans,” says a recently posted competition on the PlayStation site. “A host of next generation titles were unveiled at the PlayStation Meeting 2013 and E3 2013.”

“At gamescom in August 2013 the focus will be on PS4 and its games line-up once again.”

Previous discussion suggested that Sony would aim to really push the PS Vita at the Koelnmesse in a couple of months time, but it’s looking more and more likely that the company is really gearing up to come up with the goods for the PlayStation 4 instead.

Yesterday we revealed that Sony would be showing off brand new PS4 games at Gamescom.

Gamescom runs from the 22nd to the 25th of August. Expect Sony to announce final release dates, the launch line-up and – quite possibly – a PS3 price cut.

If you fancy entering the competition – which is for a generous helping of flights, accommodation and entry to the show, click here.



  1. I love my Vita, but am loathed to buy any more for it until they produce bigger and cheaper memory cards. Who ever says the Vita has no games has no idea. I have way too many I want….but sorry Sony I’m going to buy a 3DS XL and buy games for that instead until you give the Vita some memory love….

    • I get what you’re saying but by the time you’ve invested in a 3ds & a few carts, you could’ve bought 34 or more 32gb cards? Just saying ;)

      • 4 cards! Stupid keypad! :(

      • 32GB Vita cards are now £74.98 each on Amazon (they used to be £59.00).

        I have one 32GB card full. One 4GB card full and enough games already bought not on memory card to fill over 32GB. So I would need at least 2 memory cards, which is about the cost of the 3DS XL. This would then let me buy Vita cart games and 3DS cart games.

        I do see your point, but the Vita is not very well designed for changing the memory cards. They are very small and quite delicate for constant changing. Remembering where all the games are would also be a nightmare.

        I know people say to delete games you do not play, but I flit in and out of all the games when it is easy to do so, running multiple cards makes it much less convenient.

        Sony admit that digital downloads are forging ahead in sales and they do at least allow you to redownload them (something the 3DS does not).

        I have considered buying a 2nd Vita just for PSP games, but I am waiting for the price to come down some.

        Also my ipod is on its last legs and a larger card would make the Vita a possible duel use device for myself.

  2. I am not going to get hyped for the Show only because i have seen enough to keep me happy for the PS3 this year & the PS4 this year & next. Whatever comes next then – COOL;)

    • Yep I think that’s sound thinking. The games will hold their prices for longer, I believe. The current gen games can be had for half price only weeks sometimes after release.

      Besides, it will be interesting to see if the feature set takes a little while to mature for the PS4. Curious to see if remote play to the Vita is day one or not?

  3. I forgot to add that I can now get a 3DS XL for £140. Just missed out on a Vita plus Soul Sacrifice for £150 damn lol.

    I do see that many Vita games can be had for cheaper prices than 3DS games.

  4. Im sure they announced it was “all about the vita” at Gamescom.

    • I think Sony are reacting to Microsoft showing what many believe to be the majority of their games at E3. I think Sony are playing games with Microsoft lol

  5. It will probably be about the Vita AND the PS4 with a longer than normal press conference (which should 23rd or 24th where the GDC should take place?).

    A PS3 price cut? Highly doubtful as there is a 299,- Euro bundle with GTA coming out mid September. A price cut would eliminate the value of that bundle. I don’t see a price cut coming this year for PS3. Only Plausible window for that would be mid October around the autumn break and that would be too close to the release of the PS4.

  6. Please Sony, don’t ‘neglect’ the Vita at Gamescon (and no crumbs from the table either), i know you’ll be looking to combat MS with ‘killer-App’ PS4 games, but Vita needs the love too.

    Dust514 has proven to be far from the game that would convince me of getting a Vita to go with the PS3, show me the goods with PS4-Vita link up and then more Vita triple-A fare like Killzone Merc and then ‘drop the hammer’, well, lower the damn memory card prices.

    • Agreed. Sort out the memory cards. I’m not sure the Vita desperately needs a price cut, as it is available at just £30 more than the 3DS XL (£170 Vita, £140 3DS XL)

      Cards make the major difference at 32GB at £70 Vita or 128GB at £70 3DS!!!

  7. PS4 versions of GT6 and GTA V would be welcome.

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