“Less Is More” – The Last Of Us Q&A Video


A thirty minute Q&A with Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley alongside the stars of The Last Of Us, Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker, has been released.


The team discuss how the story changed during development and reveal that at one point they had included an antagonist who chased Joel and Ellie throughout the game. They also discuss how they had implemented cool gadgets which enhanced the gameplay but were taken out for the sake of the story.

The developers also reveal that the movie No Country For Old Men was a major influence on the game and how they used music rather than dialogue to express emotions.

The video is spoiler free but the t-shirt worn by the clone of our very own Teflon does hint at one of the best scenes from the game so caution is advised.

Source: YouTube



  1. I know i’ll probably get chastised for this comment, but i am actually finding it pretty hard to get excited about this game. It started well, but i got kinda bored by the time i got to Ellie.

    I haven’t actually touched it since. :(

    • You are a dirty whore. Sell your PS3.

      Or… don’t worry about it! It’s not for everyone. Just like Hitler’s international policies. :-P

      • Those international policies of his weren’t even good for a sizable number of Germans. Bloody Hitler, what a c***.

    • To be fair, I didn’t think the game really got going til you meet Ellie, so I’d stick with it. It’s the relationship that builds between them what makes it.

    • To be honest I think this would make for a better movie than a game but it doesn’t bother me too much. The story and voice acting is worth playing it even if the gameplay is repetitive.

      • (I am legend) Good game, but Uncharted is on a different level.

  2. I watched a bit of this before playing the game, and I have to say it would’ve worked much better had they waited a week and made it a spoilercast. There’s so many things they can’t talk about here which, after playing the game, you really want them to go into detail about.

  3. Cheers, TC. Marked for “Watch Later” and will enjoy that over food.

  4. Watched this earlier, and find it strange how the guy who plays Joel sounds nothing like him here.
    Interesting to hear about the antagonist chasing them, don;t see how that could of worked!

  5. Is that Teflon?

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