New Colin McRae Game Is An iPhone Title

Colin McRae Rally will be released tonight on iOS platforms. The game, which is actually based on content from the second McRae game, will feature 30 different stages to race along, with a Subaru Impreza, a Ford Focus, a Mitsubishi Evo VI, and a Lancia Stratos your car choices.

Many assumed that when Codemasters started their teaser campaign we’d be getting a full blown rally game for consoles, but whilst the news is somewhat disappointing it’d be interesting to see how Codemasters have ported the game to iPhones.


The game will cost £2.99. It’s already up here.



  1. Now that is dirt.not amused

  2. 1st dissapointment is that its not a console release,
    2nd dissapointment its based on content from colin mcrae 2
    3rd disappointment its ios, yeah great decision that, so no love for android then ?

    • I know! I hate how so many games are never released on Android despite the fact that its market share is massively growing and it’s easier and cheaper to develop for.

      • I’m pretty sure Android outnumbers IOS.

  3. Reminds me when everyone got excited for deus only to be told its iOS lol

    • Yep, that made me chuckle. On the other hand, if anyone like Ubisoft tease a Rainbow Six game then it ends up being an iPhone title, I would personally hunt down a witch doctor & make them resurrect Steve Jobs so I could re-kill him again and again. I know it sounds a bit harsh but I’m very emotional when it comes down to Rainbow Six. I long to once again go on a co-op terrorist hunt on a next gen console. Oh dear, I do believe I’m dribbling.

      • Lol wouldn’t it be funny if they announce rainbow six on iOS only :p you will have to buy it

      • Rainbow Six Vegas >>>>

  4. Well, that’s disappointing :( oh well, guess we have to wait for Codies to try a proper rally game for the next gen?

  5. I am crying right now.

  6. That’s disappointing. :(

  7. I wish publishers had the sense to let us know about the platform first so we can ramp up (or down) our enthusiasm. Even for a genre I’ve left well alone, this is a bit of a “oh, really? Wow… um… all the best then!”. :-\

    • I suppose that Codemasters could either withhold the truth or tell us the actual truth.

      “Great news, racing fans! We’re recycling some old game from years gone by and we’re hoping you’ll buy it on a platform that’s not even a dedicated device for gaming. Yaaaaaaaaaayy!” *waves arms frantically*

      Yeah… now I read that, they were right to delay abject disappointment. :-)

  8. This is actually a kick in the face for rally sim fans. It’s already bad enough that CM are cashing in on mobile gaming by recycling old titles, but the fact that they have time to do that whilst ignoring the fans who are clamouring for a fully fledged current or next gen rally sim is doubly disappointing.

    Their F1 sims show they have passion, and can get there (in the end), if only they could apply that to rally!

  9. Meeeeeh…

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