PlayStation Loves Devs, As Chillingo Signs Up

Sony are continuing their push for indie content on PlayStation platforms, with the launch of an Indie category on the PlayStation Vita, in addition to the one released on PlayStation 3 a month ago.

Kicking off the new index is Hotline Miami, one of the best Vita games released for ages. It’ll be joined by the likes of Spelunky, Terraria, Flower, Luftrausers, Hohokum and Counter-Spy.

Sony tell us there are 50 indie titles in development for Vita.

In addition, Chillingo have announced that they’ll be bringing their games to PlayStation Mobile, starting with the impressive Feel Me Oil, which will be released today.

iBomber Defense, Roll In The Hole and the brilliant Little Acorns will follow.

If you’re not familiar with Chillingo, they develop and publish some of the best mobile games out there, so having them on PlayStation Mobile is a big deal.


  1. More great news, I hope they’re considering Contre Jour too as that was brilliant.
    The Vita could do with a price drop now, I think getting the console associated with indie games is brilliant but the price of the unit (compared with the low price of all these lovely indie games) could be seen as off putting. Plus, a lower price to offset the high memory costs might draw out a few more sales.

    • I have recently seen the Vita for £150 with a game (new). But on the whole, it is usually about £179.99.

      I bought mine for £170 a few months after release. Bargains are to be had and often from some of the mainstream supermarkets. One of the problems is that many of the smaller stores do not stock them on the shelves (or the games).

      The 32GB card I bought for £56, but at this time I can’t find one below £70! This is the biggest problem Sony have made themselves….by making it more expensive to buy memory, they reduce the amount of impulse buys people will make.
      I would have spent at least another £100 already if I had more memory cards, but the price just puts me off!

      Sony you need to know this: People find it easier to justify spending £100 in £10 spread over time than £100 in one lump sum….this transfers well to indie games….just give us the memory cards and prices too!

      • I know what you mean the console isn’t too bad, but it seems to be the retailers reducing the price to shift the units. Sony could do a 32GB bundle for £199 with no games and I reckon that would sell.

  2. Sony have realised that they can make money from these games due to their prices putting them firmly in the impulse purchase bracket. I know, I fall into this trap. My brain tells me that a few pound won’t kill the bank…..all of a sudden I’ve bought 3 new games! lol

    They also tend to be fun and something different for a while.

    I personally think the Vita has a great balance of games

    • I don’t think there is enough triple A content. Indie games are cool but don’t sell consoles. The Vita is screaming out for a Skyrim or Borderlands or whatever. I would buy a Vita in an instant if I could play something like that on the move.

      • Compared to the amount of AAA the PS3 gets, I agree. I do however think that for it’s first year in the UK, the Vita is not doing as badly as people think.

        I’m getting a 3DS soon, and compared the amount of quality titles on both systems. I know this is a biased opinion, but I believe that both systems have roughly the same amount of quality titles. I do believe the 3DS has an awful lot of shovel ware available on cards at retail. Much of it designed to sell as impulse buys in the local supermarket to kids (hence the cheap prices).

  3. Love it. I think once Terraria (Vita) hits the store I will grab it together with Hotline Miami.

    • Yep I’m really looking forward to Terraria. It gives me that vibe I used to get from playing Amiga games

  4. I just brought a vita myself the past week and loving it to bits, this is great news, more games for vita! ;)

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