Naughty Dog Asked Seth Rogen To Write The Uncharted Film

Naughty Dog have asked Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg to the write the Uncharted film.


“They’re constantly asking me and Evan to make the Uncharted movie” said Rogen.  Evan Goldberg added that they have “been asked multiple times over the last four years,” but – thank the heavens – they have declined the offer as “It’s just going to be Indiana Jones, if we could figure out a way to make it not Indiana Jones, it’d be awesome.”

Goldberg and Rogen’s previous writing credits include Goon, The Green Hornet, The Watch, Pineapple Express and Superbad.

Somewhere in the myriad possible universes Nathan Drake (Ben Stiller) is clambering through a jungle followed by his best mate Sully (Vince Vaughn) who is smoking a joint and making jokes about the terrorist leader they must defeat, General Bigboobiesplez (Jonah Hill).

Source: IGN.



  1. :O

    I think we can all agree that Naughty Dog have access to some fantastic writers of their own, can the movie not utilise that talent?

  2. Terrible stuff.
    As said above I’m sure ND have some top talented writers that could write a script and what not, the games are pretty much like movies anyway! Why do they need to look elsewhere?!

  3. No! We don’t need Uncharted: The Movie, the three Indiana Jones films are close enough.

  4. I’ll copy/paste the comment I left somewhere else.

    “OMG, THAT WOULD BE SO boring.

    Drake is a typical boring jock, so the idea already lost me there since I’m not a 15 year old male. But I’ve got something more important to say about the other half (again since I’m not a 15 year old male). I’m so tired of seeing Seth Rogan in every other thing. It was OK when he did a movie and whoever wanted to see the new (yet so limited) “dude comedy” thing he was doing would just see that. Now he’s in Arrested Development? And now there’s this guy (Jonah Hill) and this guy (Michael Cera) playing the same damn character in every movie thanks to this BS of a trend.”

  5. I think, like most games, that Uncharted would be better suited to a TV series rather than a movie. We have the Indiana Jones movies already so they’d just be making an imitation of that. Yes, there was an Indy TV series as well but it doesn’t get as much attention as the films.

    And another thing, if they stuck closely to the way the games play out…Drake would be a mass murdering lunatic instead of globe trotting treasure hunter.

  6. Well give the man a chance.
    Although his comedy might not be to some people’s taste, he doesn’t necessarily have to act or direct the film, and he’s got a brain in that head of his to the extent that he realises that it wouldn’t be a comedy film.
    Second, he’s turned the gig down several times because he and his writing partner can’t think of a way to spin it away from being just Indiana Jones. Note how this means he didn’t instantly jump to the horrific situation which TC painted at the end. So good for him.

  7. I love Seth Rogen, but he’s not right for Uncharted. Have the guys at ND seen his flicks?

  8. that video of the cat is f*****g awesome!, funniet thing I’ve seen in ages

  9. I’m still really unsure as to why there seems to be the need to adapt a video-game to celluloid (oh bugger, it’s actually all digital now, my bad). With gaming over-taking film in regard to revenue it feels strange that their audience would want to take an interactive experience and turn it into a film. Books are different because the words don’t define the presentation whilst we are already afforded the look and feel of Nathan Drake and his world. To me games adaptations have never made much sense and continue to be something I have no inclination in investing in as it’s primary audience.

  10. Why can’t ND just write the film themselves? They know the characters the best and would be able to give us a decent film. Plus you can’t have Drake without Nolan North. It would feel wrong and i would feel very dirty if i saw the UC film without a NN Drake.

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