Surgery Simulator DLC Hints At Half Life 3 ARG

Uh oh, crazy season might be on us again. Valve have a habit of running long-term ARG (alternative reality games) leading up to the reveal of their new titles – the most recent one was the rather brilliant Portal 2 ARG – and it looks like they might, might, be starting another one. For Half Life 3.


The image above is a screenshot taken from new Team Fortress 2-themed DLC for Surgery Simulator. It shows something new in the game, a note attached to the bottom of something with strange markings on.

Those markings including what appears to be a representation of our Solar System, six letters in classic Hangman style, and – of course – a question mark. It’s accompanied by some Korean writing which says “the time is”. Internet sleuths have been digging around since last night, but so far no massive breakthroughs.

Half Life 3 is easily one of the industry’s most anticipated games, even though it’s still not officially revealed, mentioned or even hinted at.

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  1. Oh wow interesting. It looks like that ‘bugged’ patch for HL2 that set the language to korean was not a accident then.

  2. HL3 will be mind blowing.
    And imagine all the slew of new games based on the new engine: Portal 3, new Left for Dead, new Counter Strike, new Team-Fortress.

  3. The dots are not planets they are the dots on a clock. The Korean writing which says “the time is” is a big clue.

    • What clock has 9 dots?

      • There most probably representative of our solar system as they go in the correct size order. The question mark points at Saturn if that means anything.

  4. The line is pointing at Saturn if that is a representation of the planets, and that would fit in the spaces above, if the square is to highlight some letters then it would be S and A.

    But what if the arrow thing isn’t just pointing at Saturn, with ‘the time is’ it could be clock hands, so either 11:45 or 09:00

    • Either way 11.45 or 9.00 is a quarter to 12. Twelve minus a quarter is 9 – so HL3 in September maybe?

  5. SurgeonSimulator2013 @SurgeonSim2013

    Whoa! It seems that you’ve got a little ahead of yourselves! Here’s a clue: THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY VALVE GAMES! Carry on now…

  6. Summer sale is coming.

  7. ok nerdlings if this is the start of an arg heres what i think, the dots are indeed planets , the korean does indicate time and the hangman style blanks do spell out saturn. the arrow points between mercury and venus which points out to me that we are talking about a cellestial time . venus is in conjuction with saturn on sep 20th then passes through the archers bow of saggitarius later in november when it passes by the northern tip of the bow on nov 12, by the way the star at the tip of the bow is called kaus borealis or lambda saggitarii also it is an orange giant, so between september and november, we shall see.

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