What We Played #111: The Unfinished Swan, Ouya and Epic Mickey 2

What We Played

Back in the UK at the weekend I wrapped up season one of The Walking Dead by playing through Episode 5. It only served to reiterate to me that I was really just flipping through a comic book rather than playing an interactive game.

Sure the button you use to turn the page changes, and sometimes you have to mash that button or press it at the right moment, but turning the page and moving on the story is all it really does. The “game’s” saving grace is that story. What a heartbreaker it is, though it leaves you with the sense that all is not lost.


After that I picked up The Unfinished Swan for something a bit lighter.  Sure it’s nice and sure it’s different but I’m about halfway through and already it feels like the game is too heavily dependent upon the thrown blob of paint/water mechanic, with not enough other things going on.

I couldn’t put up with semi-swan for long, leaving me at a bit of a loose end gaming wise and wanting to start something new. I turned to my substantial backlog to see if there was anything that really grabbed me. There wasn’t.

With The Last of Us just out I felt I should finally give Uncharted 3 a go. I’d bought it at launch but aside from a quick co-op game shortly after that it’d been left well alone. Turns out that it’s just more Uncharted so far.

It doesn’t feel like it’s progressed much so far and Nate’s still the conscience-free, mass-murderer from the first two games, showing no sign of having really developed as a character. I’m playing it in 3D, just so something’s different, but aarrgghh the jaggies!

He searched and searched but could not find those damned E.T. games anywhere.

Alex has been playing with his Ouya, which isn’t a euphemism in case you’re wondering. The Kickstarted little Android cube trying to be a games console hasn’t made the greatest of first impressions though:

It’s no surprise that as a ‘games console’ it’s largely shit. Clearly under-powered for anything that’s not an existing tablet game, but it does run standard Android games – at least some of them – in addition to those from its own store.

Hey, Super Crate Box runs lovely, but then it does on my ZX Spectrum.

However, it’s a doddle to sideload existing stuff, and there’s a neat version of XBMC that works nicely. As a media player there’s some merit to the tiny device, and I’ll be attempting to dabble in a bit of dev, porting over some old Amiga games of mine, but beyond that?


My own Ouya finally arrived the day after the console’s retail release and remains unopened and unplayed as they’ve not sent me what I backed them for, by some margin, so my ‘enquiry’ has gone off and I am eagerly awaiting their response, having added myself to their list of unhappy backers.

[drop]Turning to his trusty iPhone for his gaming, Kris has had no such problems but has encountered a problem of a different sort, namely that Minion Run is too compelling. He been playing “a worrying amount of [it] in a ‘I should be asleep but I need to play more Minion Run’ kind of way”.

Tuffcub has been soldiering his way through his games, completing The Last of Us and Thomas Was Alone, while also playing more Killzone 3 and watching an entire season of Battlestar Galactica. Presumably not all at the same time though and I hope there were no robo-daggits in sight, just a number 7 with the curves of the figure 8.

You might have already spotted Aran’s review of the “fun” OMG HD Zombies, but he’s also played through Bioshock Infinite, calling it a “brilliant” game with “enjoyable” gameplay. In particular, he picked out the way it handles the relationship between Booker and Elizabeth as a key highlight of the experience.

Wrapping things up this week is DanToo who’s clearly had too much time on his hands.  He’s playing through the “fantastic” The Last of Us for the third time, loving its “intense narrative”. When less intensity has been required and a physical warm-up is more appropriate he’s tried both Sports Champions and Move Fitness.

[drop2]His PS Vita has been getting its own workout courtesy of the “charming and cheerful” Epic Mickey 2. “The opening cinematic was wonderful,” he beings hopefully, before saying that “it’s a shame the following cutscenes haven’t matched the first. The game is a little confusing too, and has a lot of flaws. I’m enjoying it though which is the most important thing.”

He also continues to struggle for success with the lowly Caterham team in F1 2012 and has acquired both Assassin’s Creed 3 and Revelations, hoping to play both in unison. His quest isn’t off to an auspicious start though as he’s “played an hour of 3, and it was one of the most boring starts to a game ever”.  And to finish on a topical note:

As Wimbledon is on the TV at the moment (gutted about Federer!) I’ve put Virtua Tennis 4 into my Vita and had a few matches on that. It’s perfect for those situations where you have about 15 minutes before you need to go or do something and you can pass the time easily.

I also let my Dad play on the Vita today and he was shocked at how good the device was, even though he was rubbish at the tennis. He even wanted to take it on holiday with him this weekend. Never!

Despite the fact that they can’t do grass as well as thatgamecompany, has the Lawn Tennis Association got you leaving your games aside or turning to them for respite?



  1. Just been playing the last of us, really enjoying the MP more than the story. The SP is just boring AF, I can’t get back into it.

    Been playing Jak & Daxter man I’m glad I missed this game during ps2 era, the camera is just bad. This is how I know ND is overrated studio.

  2. Have mainly ploding along on need for speed on vita and started company of heroes 2 of which the AI is mostly handing my arse too ,its great though.

    Love battlestar even though season 3 is abit poor, season 4 and 4.5 are good though especially the few episode when there is a mutiny on the galatica

  3. Still slowly making my way through the last of us. So far the intro has been the best part of the game. The story is interesting enough to keep me going and the voice acting is ace but the gameplay is mediocre in my opinion.
    So far I don’t think it can claim Ni No Kuni’s current spot as personal GOTY.
    Let’s see if Rayman Legends delivers later this year.

  4. I’m currently playing three games: XCOM:Enemy Unknown, Motorstorm: Apocalypse and Killzone 3.

    About XCOM:EU I already have said enough in the comment section with the latest podcast page and nothing much has changed since then. Like it, but can get a bit boring if played for too long in one sitting. A few battles and go play something else – that’s the method :P

    Motorstorm Apocalypse is a fantastic game, at least in online multiplayer. The ‘betting’ feature is great and make each race sooo much fun ! We need to have more TSA Meets in this one.

    Killzone 3 is lately become my only FPS, that I come back to, from time to time. It’s fun as long as you have decent people in your team and not getting base raped.

  5. I’ve mostly been playing The Last of Us multiplayer, it’s great – I love the pace of it, and how you but your upgrades etc, and even the Facebook integration of your survivors is good. I just worry that all my progress could be lost towards the trophy, should I not meet the criteria of one of the -100% Survivors challenges. If I make it to 12-weeks, I’ll go back to complete my first SP playthrough, then try to reach 12-weeks with the Hunters.

    I also discovered that the Marvel DLC has been released for LBPV, it just never appeared under “Latest” on the Vita store. Got a few of the tough trophies done on the first game, although the DLC in general is a bit boring in my opinion. I have also continued to play some FIFA 13 on Vita.

    Over the weekend I intend to have a go on the Guacamelee DLC, and will probably play a bit of Black Ops 2 MP as it’s Double XP….I don’t enjoy it that much but I’d like to reach level 55 again so everything is unlocked.

  6. With the eminent shutdown of the Buzz-servers on the 2nd of August, I have been playing lots and lots of Buzz TV quiz. Mostly the multiplayer bits and the mybuzz bits that need server access. I borrowed a copy of a friend and play against myself, against my other alias on my second ps3. I found out that my left hand is quicker than my righthand. I am righthanded. It has to be lag in my head.

    • I think that I can’t get the platinum cause you can not log onto http://www.mybuzzquiz.com any more. You need to write 20 quizzes in order to get a secret trophy. The horror !

      • Sucks the servers are closing. Buzz was the reason I bought a PS3! I got the platinum for Buzz, but still need some multiplayer trophies for Brain of the UK. Trophies for Quiz World were totally different, so think I have a fair few to get. I’ll add you mate! :-)

  7. Had a good week. Finished God of War Ascension and Bioshock Infinite. Both were good, but not great. Need to pick something from the backlog now. Never finished Max Payne 3, so might return to that.

  8. Gears 3

  9. Yet more Terraria and Animal Crossing with the odd round of golf on Tiger 14 and the usual smattering of meet related games.
    I bought and played about an hour of Little Inferno on the Wii U yesterday and also bought Hotline Miami and played through the first few levels … seems like it could be fun.

    Should have got my Grid 2 platinum today but the damn glitchy Global Domination trophy didn’t pop even though I was top of the weekly leader boards … hopefully I’ll have better luck next week (if I can get to the top of the leader board again).

  10. I’ve been going between Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Borderlands 2 (co-op) for the last two weeks. Animal Crossing is quite fun so far, I can’t wait to check the items in shops in the morning and I’m so into captain’s songs (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOMCgPnmDZ8). I spend about 2-3 hours a day on it, mainly because things keep changing. I guess that’s the point of AC.

    Also picked up Hitman: Absolution thanks to Plus and I like it quite a bit. I usually stay away from stealth games but this one gives you enough space to get creative. Well done.

    Lastly, I managed to get to the final boss on DQ IX, but failed and will have to get back to it later. What an incredibly long and contentful game that is.

    Picked up Frozen Synapse in the Humble Bundle. Always had my eye on it. Also looking forward to the Summer Sale on Steam. Wallets are gonna roll.

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