Microsoft’s PS Plus Rival Goes Live Today

At E3 Microsoft unveiled what looked to be a rival service to Sony’s PlayStation Plus in the form of Games For Gold. At the time such titles as Halo 3 and Assassin’s Creed II were confirmed to be released on the service.

Today the Games For Gold promotion went live and the first official game is Defense Grid: The Awakening.


Defense Grid: The Awakening was developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and released almost three years ago. It’s a tower defence title which received generally good reviews. The game usually costs 800 MS Points but will be free until July 15th, because on July 16th a different title will be available.

Meanwhile this month on PS Plus Sony will be offering Battlefield 3, Payday The Heist, Saint’s Row The Third, Unit 13 and Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus in Europe. Both Gold and PS Plus cost pretty much the same price.

Source: Major Nelson



  1. Pathetic.

    • Yep, and only available free for 15 days.

  2. This offering is pathetic. They give themselves another chance for some good PR and then shovel this shite in my direction. Surely they can do better than this with all the great games that have come out in the last few years. Giving people old overpriced XBLA games will not do you any favours, especially when you teased two console titles at E3.

    I think they’ve given up. They have to be purposely trying to bring themselves down because there is no way all of this can be a coincidence.

    • Doesn’t Phil Harrison work for MS now?

      From wiki:
      “Phil Harrison is a corporate vice president of Microsoft”

      don’t forget

      “and the former British corporate executive and a representative director of Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. (SCEI) and Executive Vice President of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE).”


      • You mean……he’s a spy? It all makes sense. Sony send him in to influence the big wigs at MS and then let them tear themselves apart from the inside.

        What a plan and thoroughly well executed by Mr Harrison

  3. when you put it like you did at the end, it seems like a half arse attempt to con xbox fanboys to go for it thinking they will get the fantastic offers Sony give for P+. No wonder there isn’t much news on it.

    • Microsoft have been brainwashing Xbox owners for years that Xbox Live is worth paying for, and guess what, because they pay for it, Xbox users are all to keen to believe Microsoft’s lies.

      Emperor’s new clothes, and Xbox owners are the idiots.

  4. I laughed when I saw what they were suggesting as free games at E3, this is just another example of how out of touch MS are with the gaming community if they think that a three year old game like Defense Grid can compete with the likes of Battlefield 3 on the PS+., Eldav0 summed it up, Pathetic.

  5. Games for gold started the day after E3 with Fable 3.

    • I think it actually went free before E3 started which most thought was an error as MS hadn’t announced anything at that point.

      • I think it was an accident but the day of or after E3 they put it under the Games for Gold banner.

  6. When they say free do they mean free or is it like Plus where you need to be a member/signed up to have access to the games?

    • You have to have a Gold sub but once you download I believe the game is free to keep forever.

      • That’s the trade off for the games they’re offering then

  7. Calling this a rival to ps+ is like calling scunthorpe rivals to man utd.

  8. Can I plug an external hard drive into my Xbox to store these games on? I only have a 4G usb stick and that will fill up pretty quick if PS Plus is anything to go by. My 4G xbox is full as well so no idea what works on the 360. I bought my 640G hardrive for PS3 for £35 on offer few years back and want to get something similar on my 360 if they are giving away games….

  9. And PS+ has this beaten by miles. It’s not even close.

    • What’s weird is if you consider how many good games have released for both consoles (both exclusive and multi-platform), Microsoft could’ve easily rained down quality titles from the off.

      Very strange start to Games for Gold.

  10. That’s a pretty poor start. I don’t have a Gold MS subscription, I was going to consider it if Games for Gold was any good, but for now I’ll just hold on to my money.

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