Proteus Heading To PS Vita

Sony have announced that indie favourite Proteus is heading to the PlayStation Vita. The game, Ed Key and David Kanaga’s free-flowing stylised adventure, will be ported by Curve.

It’s a first person title, with an emphasis on adventure and exploration, and is different each time you play because the levels are procedurally (and randomly) generated.


Proteus will also be released on PlayStation 3. It will be Cross Buy, meaning you’ll only pay once for both versions of the game.

Curve previously ported the sublime Thomas Was Alone.



  1. The ultimate walking simulator. It’s worth noting that the soundtrack is shaped by the procedually generated environment.

    I might pick this up, but it has to be cheap as there’s not much in terms of gameplay to be had.

  2. fantastic news. just price ir correctly and you’ll have my money!

  3. I watched the trailer for it; very pretty, although I’m not sure what to make of the game. It goes for 10$ at their website, hope it comes a lot cheaper for Playstation.

  4. Sounds intriguing, i’ll look up a trailer later but i’m all for these alternative gaming experiences.

  5. Yeah im loving the vita for all these indie games. Think I would need a trial version of this though after reading some of the comments.

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