The Walking Dead: 400 Days Launching This Week

Well, this is a bit of a short notice but the latest episode in The Walking Dead series – 400 Days – will arrive on all platforms this week, though you’ll have to wait until next week for the European release.

If you’re in North America, then you can download the episode on PSN tomorrow, while Steam will get the game worldwide on Wednesday, with an Xbox Live release on Friday.


It’ll be available next Wednesday – the 10th – on PSN for us Europeans (which I assume is the criteria the majority of you fit into) and one day later, on Thursday the 11th for you mobile iOS types.

If you’re worried about it costing too much, don’t; it’ll be around $5, so three or four pounds in sterling presumably, which will give you a couple of hours of gameplay.

I honestly didn’t expect it this soon, despite a lot of talk about the downloadable content around the web. Peter took a look at the episode a few weeks back, explaining what it’s actually all about.

Source: IGN



  1. All platform, including vita? After all we still waiting for the other episodes to come vita

  2. I hope so although only the trophies for the 400 days add on have been submitted so maybe not a 2nd trophy list?

  3. I think they said august for vita…

  4. How does this work with the disc release out of interest? Is it separate?

    I don’t have either the D/L version or the disc version as yet, but i was planning on getting the disc when it dropped below the (criminally high) price point of around £25 that it’s currently sitting at.

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