Gran Turismo 6 Demo Now Available

The playable demo of Gran Turismo 6, which features a close tie with the annual GT Academy series, has just been released.


It’s exclusive to PlayStation 3, and can downloaded from here (or your PS3’s PSN Store).

The demo features what looks to be most of the E3 demo at first glance – a handful of tracks, events and cars. It’s exactly (according to the Store at least) 1GB in size.




  1. Downloading before server meltdown :P
    Not bad really only half an hour later than expected ;)

  2. Excited to try this. Will have to wait until this eve. Anyone know which cars and what challenges? Not forgetting this is for entry to this year’s GT Academy too!

    • Unsure, the download is slow as heck only @ 50% !!

      • It seems to be downloading nice and quickly on my connection. I’m hoping for a big improvement on GT5. (even if it is only a demo)

      • I don’t think GT5 needed much improvement. Just a few fundamental things that prevented it being so much more enjoyable.

      • Installed and playing now, I won’t give away too many spoilers other than state the obvious, erm… Nissan is involved :P

      • Aye, my dl speed is slow too. It may have something to do with my nephew watching youtube videos on his Vita at the same time tho…..’grrrrr’ :D

  3. My ISP are going to love me – 1GB today and then lord knows how much tomorrow with BF3 plus all of the expansion packs I bought and won (thanks TSA!).

  4. I clicked on the store link above but it says “The page you requested is unavailable”. I’ll try again later on.

    • I started downloading 20 minutes ago. Try searching for ‘GT Academy’. The description for GT Academy confirms that it’s the GT6 demo and it’s listed as 1GB.

    • Did a search and found it ok.

  5. Why am I in work :(

  6. A few tracks, I might check this out then. Been bored with the last two GT to be honest, traded them in fairly early on.

  7. IF you cant find it go to to the Gran Turismo section on the store and its there.

  8. GT6…NEXT-GEN starts now…er erm LoL:D

    • OMG.. NEXT-GEN! who needs Ps4 or xBOne…Right?? LoL:D:D

  9. New physics is erm.. interesting. I thought I was going to roll the Nissan Leaf over on the first race! :P It is actually quite impressive though, body roll was always missing in GT5. The cornering balance even in the leaf is lovely, lift off oversteer is apparent and very useful come 370Z time.
    All with the pad for now too.

  10. Just gave it one lap of Silverstone in the 370Z, and not impressed at all.
    Engine noise is still shockingly poor, new physics seems ok, but still the unresponsive handling that seems to be the trademark of GT games is ruining it for me.

    Shame really, back to Grid 1 for my racing fix.

    • It’s not as different as I thought it would be but pleased to see the loading times have been cut a fair bit. It’s still only a demo so there’s plenty time for Polophony to do their magic.

    • “Just gave it one lap of Silverstone in the 370Z….” Riiiight.

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