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Update: ThatGameCompany have been in touch. They say that the Eye comment was a “slip up”, adding that it hasn’t been as extensively demoed (as Kinect has). “For example,” adds Jenova, “I don’t know if the PS4’s Eye can see your heart beat yet.”

As for the PS4 comment, “it was in a response to a question about if the game would be on PS3 or PS4. I said it will more likely be on PS4, due to the prospective release date.”

Hey, someone said something nice about Xbox One, but – boo, hiss – it’s former PlayStation devotee and creator of Journey, Jenova Chen.

“I wanted to have an input device that captures the player’s facial expressions and gestures and fingers so that they could actually go into a virtual world and talk to someone, and see their emotions, without necessarily knowing who they are, and I think the Kinect 2 seems to be finally there.”

The story then takes a twist with the thatgamecompany Twitter account tweeting “@JenovaChen said the Kinect looks interesting, but many people are taking that to mean we’re making an exclusive Xbox One game.”

Then they gave an all too familiar explanation, “Unless if Microsoft changes their rules or gives us special treatment, we cannot make games on the Xbox One.”

So what are they working on? “The PS4’s Eye hasn’t been officially revealed yet, so we can’t comment on it yet,” they said.

The Eye has not been officially revealed? Is there some Kinect slaying tech Sony have yet to mention which thatgamecompany are going to use?

As for the mystery game the team are working on, “We haven’t announced any platforms yet, but it’ll be a while until it’s released. It will more likely be on PS4, though.”



  1. Man, imagine if the PS4 camera is better than Kinect 2. That’d be another fairly hefty nail in Microsoft’s coffin, especially since it’s not forced on you and can be disconnected.
    I’d laugh.

    • Hopefully it’ll at least be as good as Kinect… which I assume is good, still haven’t played with one! Kung Fu Live on the PS3 was brilliant, really simple and a great progression from those fantastically fun EyeToy bundled mini games, it’d be good to see more of that sort of party game again. Very interested to see what TGC can do with the next gen!

      • I reckon it will be. Sony don’t seem to be leaving a trying to chance :-)

  2. “gives us special treatment” Getting a bit ahead of their selves there.

    • I think what he meant was not that they expect special treatment, but that in order for it to be even possible to develop for XB1 then they would require the rules to be different (for them).

      • They did it for Minecraft but I doubt they would do it again, other devs would be pissed off.

      • Even Microsoft can’t have missed how much praise TGC got for Journey, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they get a very special treatment in exchange for a (timed) exclusive game. Especially if it’s something that actually uses the Kinect tech for more than just voice commands.

  3. Intriguing, the new game idea sounds like an evolution of the online aspect of Journey and if we can count on anyone to bring innovation to online MP, i’m certain thatgamecompany will show the way. Shame that Microsoft’s policies might prevent them from reaching that audience now they’re going multi platform.

  4. That’s actually an interesting point. The new PSeye looks much closer to the Kinect set up and it also seems like it has two cameras built in so it could percieve depth? Maybe Sony drops another bomb at Gamescom, who knows?

  5. But we have seen the new Eye haven’t we? The one with two 720p cameras shown in February? Could the reason it’s not included with the PS4 be that they’re replacing it with a better one?

    • Jack Tretton said he wanted to give people the option and offer a cheap SKU and if they want the camera they can buy it separately for 60$. Apparently it’ll be available at launch so I don’t think they’ll make huge changes to it.

  6. He is simply referring to the fact that February’s event was not an official reveal of hardware. I think it is a tad optimistic to believe the Eye shown then will be different at launch (same for the DS4).

    Incidentally, the PS3 Eye can already tell the gender and approximate age of a user, memorise a face, recognise basic expressions such as smiling, process voice commands and recognise your voice, and do depth perception (the latter in a rudimentary manner). Indeed, there is nothing the PS3 Eye can’t do that Kinect 1.0 can. So little doubt the PS4 iteration will do all this to a higher quality, possibly close to Kinect 2.0 capability. The only problem is that as it is an optional peripheral, it won’t be supported by 99% of PS4 games.

  7. I hope that a lot more games utilise the PSEye on PS4 as I don’t think developers have really scratched the surface of what the tech can do. Although he fact that it’s not forced on you when you buy PS4 will likely mean that fewer titles will actually use it.

  8. Sony released PS 4 Eye specs (Wieght, camera’s, capture range, Video, even cable length etc etc) same time as they did the new Dual shock and PS4 hardware itself, but did issue a line about all specifications subject to change without notice disclaimer thing, so technically they could upgrade aspects of it….

    Cannot see that myself-More likely they’d just ‘improve’ performance over time via firmware updates, if possible is it not?.

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