The PS4 Will Come With A Game Already Loaded

The PlayStation 4 will come pre-loaded with quirky title Playroom, according to the official PlayStation site [via]. The software is an innovative array of minigames designed to show off the power of the PS4’s new DualShock 4 controller and – of course – the camera, which won’t be bundled.

We skipped over Playroom at E3, despite the comfy sofa designed to draw you in, but wish we hadn’t. Most accounts suggest it’s rather special, with near-instant feedback on everything you do. The video above highlights the main features, so give it a watch.

Good to see that new PlayStation 4 owners will have something already installed on the hard drive, anyway, and should sit nicely alongside Killzone and DriveClub.



  1. Wondered if it was going to be Hang-On, or perhaps if you entered a joypad cheat… Snail Maze

  2. Guess it’s a little like the PS Vita’s Welcome Park then :)

    • Kinda. Apart from the extra purchase of £59.99 required.

      • £44.99. Will be discounted to £39.99 in short order no doubt.

  3. That’s a nice touch. It also gives people at least one reason to buy the PlayStation Camera.

  4. Alex Kid is the only already installed game I had on a home console.

    • Me too. I was gutted when people who got the later Master System got Sonic bundled!

      • I had the Master System II with sonic, memories……

      • I had a master system II and it had Alex Kidd on it! it was either the end level or one near the end that was really annoying where you had to step on the right tiles to get across the room, with no logical sense as to which one to choose!

  5. Quite a clever ploy to entice people to pick up the camera I suppose but I suspect it might take more than this.
    I see why they didn’t bundle it but the biggest problem these peripherals have is that developers won’t use it if people don’t buy it, and people won’t buy it if developers don’t use it.

  6. Cool, looks like i need to upgrade my pre-order! :)

  7. cool, but again, probably wont be any good for the decent games though. I hope it is, but I wont be buying until I know Games will be using it properly.

  8. You mention ‘sit nicely alongside killzone and driveclub’, does that mean we get killzone through plus aswell?, or simply that their both launch games?

  9. Neat idea, but camera games not for me. Hope we can del from hdd, as space is precious.

    • I’ll be putting a 1TB HDD in before i switch it on & I have a feeling, it may be a permanent feature, like Singstar.

      • Sony seem to have learned a lot from the PS3. I hope not bundling a game in which most people aren’t interested to the bloody menu and making it un-movable and un-removable is one of them!

      • I’m interested in whether the PS4 will be able to make worthwhile use of an SSD or hybrid drive.

        I’ll probably get the camera at some point, but there’s no reason to do so yet.

      • Are the PS3 compatible hd’s gonna be compatible with PS4??

      • That’s what I want to do. Could do with Sony giving out some PS4/HDD compatibility info soon.

  10. that actually looks like it could be fun, for a while.
    but it’ll take more than that to get me interested in the camera.

    • Yeah. It looks cute but I won’t spend 60€ on it for this.

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