Celebrate July 4th With Uncharted 3, The Last Of Us Multiplayer Events

Naughty Dog has announced that, from now until noon Monday, it will be running multiplayer events for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception and The Last Of Us.

Ending on July 8th at 12:00 GMT the event will see an increase of rare treasure drops for Uncharted 3 in both competitive and co-operative modes. Treasure is needed to unlock a variety of aesthetic items for the game with rare pieces being exceptionally hard to find.


The Last Of Us will also receive some July 4th loving with Naughty Dog’s inaugural Supply Drop event. Basically, in between now and Monday, conversion rates between Parts and Supplies will see a sharp increase. Great news, especially for those struggling to keep their clan of survivors afloat.

Source: Naughty Dog



  1. Woop happy days :) may finally get somewhere on LOUS

  2. Nice, I’m on week 10 with a clan size of 85, so this might be a good chance to (hopefully) reach and complete week 12 whilst maintaining a large clan size!!

    • im only on week 2 or 3 i think lol

      I always seem to be on the losing team and get annihilated, people dont go where I want them to go lol

      • Haha, I usually follow people around if they don’t follow me, as the group that work best as a team seem to win…it’s all about the Revives!! ;)

        At least losing doesn’t necessarily mean your Survivors suffer, which is all I’m concerned about. Actually means I can enjoy playing rather than worrying about winning (although its obviously preferred)! :)

      • Same problem here, half the time I join a team of Leroys and end up following 1 person around like a sheep only to stare at his retreating heels when I cop it. Just got to one of those pesky % team loss things at week 6 and now have 60% of my team at risk so stopped, so this extra might offset the inevitable loss. Little Johhny had just learned to fish as well..sad.

      • Yeah been on a few teams which have worked really well.

        What pisses me off is when your downed and 2 people next to you enemy is dead yet nobody wants to revive.

        I know your IDS and shall return the non reviving favor one day soon :) bwahaha

  3. Excellent news! I’m heading into my final week on TLOU, so giving it a good spanking, and might aim to get some of those tricky unlocks :)

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