God Of War: Ascension DLC Is Free Until Sunday

God of War: Ascension has one of the most original and exciting multiplayer modes we’ve seen this year. Somehow, the folks at Santa Monica Studio have translated the series’ patented fast-paced combat into an online experience that works surprisingly well.

Since launch Ascension has been backed by swathes of downloadable content, consisting entirely of new armour sets and weapons for multiplayer load-outs.

The weapons in particular each have a unique feel; whether it be sword, hammer or spear, they all have their own special attacks that can be deployed in a variety of situations.

No doubt wanting to boost the sales of weapons and armour, Santa Monica is running an event until Sunday, giving players free access to God of War’s premium arsenal. The list includes:

  • Spear of Phobos
  • Spear of Hyperion
  • Hammer of Atlas
  • Hammer of Hephaestus
  • Blade of Thanatos
  • Blade of Artemis
  • Mjolnir Hammer
  • Blade of Judgment
  • Mercenary Blade
  • Champions Hammer
  • Champions Blade

It’s worth pointing out that any weapon XP earned during this period will carry over if a player decides to purchase it (either during the event or any time after.)

Aside from that, the developer is promising a 1v1 mode which is set to launch at the end of the month.

Source: PlayStation Blog


  1. So it’s dlc demos then?!

    • Yep, sounds like try and see if you want to buy.

  2. i hope those dlc weapons are purely cosmetic and not pay to win

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