Microsoft Might Be Planning A Gamescom Press Conference

Gamescom runs from August 21st to August 25th this year. The Cologne-based show has seen a few years of lessened attention from Microsoft – although the company always has a presence, it has been less spectacular in recent years. This year, though, could be a little different.

According to CVG, Microsoft is planning an event at Gamescom that would lend credence to the reports that Microsoft sees Europe as a key battleground in the war for console gamer’s hearts and minds ahead of the next generation console launches later this year.

Xbox has slipped slightly behind PlayStation in global units shipped this generation but it has traditionally been dominant in the US and UK. Europe has, for the duration of this generation, favoured Sony’s brand of console ahead of Microsoft’s. That’s something that both companies seem aware of and both have made overtures to address with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It’s suggested that Phil Harrison’s presence at Microsoft will give the company some valuable insight into the region’s development studios and retail requirements.

The report suggests that we’ll see a one hour media briefing, similar to the E3 show they put on. This will likely be Microsoft’s first large-scale opportunity to address their users since the dramatic post-E3 turnaround in policies and the departure of Don Mattrick. Hopefully it will give them an opportunity to turn around what has been a fairly disastrous period in the company’s relationship with its consumers.

Source: CVG



  1. Wow some real nastiness being thrown in Microsoft’s direction today. Chill out guys…

    I for one hope they show us Europeans what XB1 has to offer – maybe euro centric sports partnerships etc. I personally don’t blame MS for showing off American sports at E3, it was a conference held in the United States after all. I think it will be exciting to see what they can pull out the bag for this new darling sales region in comparison to Sony!

    • Agreed. Without trying to don my moderator’s cap, it’d be nice to see a little less mindless bashing and something that feels more constructive with how they might progress.

  2. Use Europe as key battleground?

    Europe is in an economical crysis, there’s few margin for a $499 dlls console.

    • Sony have Japan nailed. Microsoft have a strong grip on US shipments but Europe is hugely contested. It’s also a fair ol’ feather in the cap to sit there and say “we’re No. 1 in Europe”, etc.

  3. Uncharted 4 reveal? I think it’s coming :-)

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