Sony Pushes Indie Gaming On Vita, July Looking Solid

[drop2]Luftrausers, Stealth B*stard, Lone Survivor, Spelunky – all out this month or next, and they’re joined by Velocity Ultra, Thomas Was Alone and Hotline Miami.

Whatever your views on so-called ‘indie’ gaming, that’s one hell of a line-up.


The ad, in trade magazine MCV, might not be terribly strategically placed, but it’s striking, and it’s been picked up by consumer press immediately anyway.

It’s likely Spelunky will also see its PS3 release in the same time period. If you’ve not played Spelunky, it’s pretty special.

The Vita’s getting a lot of indie love at the moment, we spoke to the man behind this recent revival recently, have a read about what he’s got to say right here.

Pic via VideoGamer.



  1. I want news on Terraria that supposed to be coming. There’s literally been nothing since they announced it.

    • Yeah, I’m waiting for that, too…

  2. Will probably get around to playing these at some point. The thing with indie titles is that I have no excitement for them prior to release. I’ll usually stumble upon them in a sale or through plus, play them, and actually really enjoy them.

  3. <3 Vita

    Had mine for just less than a week, fantastic machine & its amazing how passionate Sony are about filling its release calendar with fantastic games between the usual tentpole releases.

    • You’ve only had it for a week? Where have you been?

      Seriously though it is a great little machine and despite people saying there are no games for it. When you look at the library there are plenty of games and lots of variety as well.

    • Agreed. I love pretty much everything about it (the screen is amazing) and with the PS4 remote play coming up, it’s going to be the ultimate peripheral.

    • Great to see that you’ve picked one up CC. ;)
      Hope you’re enjoying it as much as I do… many games & not enough time to play them. o_O

  4. Good to see new Indy games coming along for the Vita, but I still would like to see more news of AAA titles coming to the system. I have Killzone on preorder and tempted by Tearaway, but I’m not sure what I’ll be looking forward to after those. Hopefully all the work with Indy titles will drive a few more blockbuster titles to the handheld and PS4/Vita interaction will be a bit stronger than with PS3.

  5. I currently have 80 games for my Vita, including Vita card, Vita download, PSP, PS1, Minis and Mobile. Plenty more to buy too. All I want for Christmas Sony is a 64GB memory card….please….Please…….PLEASE……

    • edit: not including Mobile games.

      and I second the call for Terraria!

    • Ya greedy git :p

      I’d love a 64GB memory card for Vita too………although not before a PS4. :)

    • Problem is I’d assume a 64GB card would RRP at over £100 :(
      If so you’d probably be lucky to get one for under £80

      • Micro SD cards can easily be got for half that price.

  6. I thought stealth bastard was renamed for playstation release?
    Also hotline Miami is amazing. Please buy everyone!

    • It was…..Stealth Inc is it’s new name (I think anyway)
      I’ve got it on my laptop and can’t wait for it to hit the Vita as it’s an ace wee game. ;)

  7. Vita + indies: perfect. Definitely my preferred game size for the vita (in scope and in GB!)

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