Sony Boss Claims PS4 Camera Wasn’t Cut To Beat Xbox One Price

“We couldn’t possibly have known what the Xbox was going to cost,” says Sony Computer Entertainment’s Vice President Fergal Gara, speaking [to TechRadar] at the PlayStation event last night, which TheSixthAxis attended.

Common rumourx of late suggested that Sony had dropped the camera from the retail package to allow the PS4 to be priced considerably under what Microsoft aimed the Xbox One at, a price which resulted in applause during the former’s pre-E3 conference.

The PS4 is £349, the Xbox One around £429.

Gara claims the PS4’s price was set well before Microsoft’s reveal. “What I’ll say is, lots of ideas were considered you know, lots of different combinations and of course price was I think fairly clear from a very long time out but you know everything about PS4 is about giving gamers choice.”

“So if you don’t want a camera you don’t have to have a camera. If you want to trade in games, you can trade in games. So there’s been nothing in the whole proposition that is overly restrictive and I think the reaction has proved that people value that.”

It’s worth noting that the PS4 will come with a camera-required game baked onto the console’s hard drive, with the cynic suggesting it’s there to help sell cameras down the line.

“To design a piece of technology like that it’s very easy to deliver one or the other, in particular I’m talking about the price and the performance trade off. It’s very hard to deliver both and for me the balance that’s been delivered across those two is outstanding.”

Gara claims the PS4 is the “most powerful gaming device ever conceived” – he’s presumably just referring to consoles there – “and at a price that feels very acceptable, certainly based on the pre-order volumes that we’re seeing.”

The Sony boss also added that, based on his feedback, the PS4 is “ahead on pre-orders” compared to the Xbox One. He also teased more content at Gamescom, which is next month.



  1. It would be good for them to announce another launch title or two. I will be getting a PS4 at some point but as it stands i’ll have my hands full with the fourth coming PS3 releases and non PC the launch titles have really captured my attention yet.

    • PC = of

    • Gamescom. But it’ll probably be launch-window titles.

    • Neither need’s launch titles, launch window titles yes to keep the momentum going.

      But with the sheer amount of games coming out around that time adding more games to that launch would be just stupid.

      Lets face it both X1 and ps4 exclusives are weak compared to the 3rd party games coming out.

      We’ll see the real meat of the exclusives next year.

      • Watch_Dogs, Assassin’s Creed IV, Drive Club and Killzone SF and a little later Infamous Second Son will keep me busy enough and I’m sure there will be plenty of great Indy titles to bridge a few gaps. Don’t forget the free to play games with PlanetSide 2, DCUO and Warframe, which should come with a few hours of fun, even if they aren’t exactly your cup of tea.
        I don’t get how 5 AAA games plus F2P and Indies are not enough for the first few month when so many people complain about gaming budgets anyways. I’m not on a budget and I couldn’t afford all of that in one go without having to live off a jar of pickles for a month. :P
        I’m sure Sony still has a few announcements at Gamescom up their sleeves.
        I just hope Destiny comes out as soon as possible!

  2. They probably had several strategies ready to go for whatever Microsoft did. I don’t believe they decided long before. But whatever the case was, the camera is dead in the water now.

    • Yeah exactly. They wouldn’t of known the price but they could easily have different price points and packages they were going to reveal and they went with that one.

  3. They didn’t really need to know what xboxone price was going to be though. They wanted their price to be a wow factor, regardless of how much ms were going to chargethey knew removing the camera would reduce the price.
    Seems fairly obvious the camera was meant to be there from the start. The built in camera controlled game and the images released of the package containing a camera make me think it was stock to begin with, then they heard the moaning about Kinect and ditched it.

    • They mentioned them learning from mistakes about the PS3 launch price so I was convinced it was going to be at least £50 cheaper than the PS3’s price (at launch). It’s just great news that it’s even cheaper!

  4. Microsoft have done an another about turn, their ridiculing of the PS3 for bundling hardware now makes THEM look like they are the undecisive fools

    • Ah, I was wondering when someone would point this out. The current gen was all about modular upgrades (according to MS) so it’s a bit hypocritical for them to have a sly pop at Sony having the new gen choices. Meh… how quick we forget, eh?

      • The sly pops from Microsoft always seem a bit more aggressive than the sly pops from Sony going the other way. Hopefully neither stoop any lower than the PlayStation sharing games piss take, which was genuinely amusing. I think these PR types often lose sight of the fact consumers want to hear positives about features rather than criticisms and one-upmanship.

    • I don’t see how that makes them indecisive, that was a generation ago. There were different people in charge then and the industry was different. A lot of people didn’t understand needing a hard drive and wanting wireless internet.

  5. Having the program baked-in probably means that they’ll update it more regularly and ‘perpetually’ than an app which they might release and then forget about after one or two updates… hopefully :)

  6. I am surprised no one has said out loud what I think is pretty obviously what Sony’s strategy will be.

    If Sony dominates MS in the short run, before the first price drop Sony will bundle the camera in the standard sku (maybe with a game) to make the camera “standard” without jumping the price point. Sony has always prefered increasing value over cutting price as mfg costs go down. The camera seems made for that.

  7. I’m really happy that the camera is optional. I don’t want it in my living room, and luckily I also don’t have to pay for it and then find a place in the closet to store it.
    Those who want one can still buy the camera. It’s a win/win solution, no idea why some people see it as something negative that it’s not bundled with the console, or even worse, mandatory like XB1’s Kinect.
    And if somebody is worried about the support for the PS camera, take a look at games like Star Wars Kinect and be happy that Sony will focus on controller based games ;)

    • But that’s the problem, because it wasn’t part of the system, but just an add-on. Not a lot of people had the kinect so it wasn’t worth the money making decent games. Now that it is part of the system and not an add-on we may start to see developers have a good look at the tech, especially with the improvements to the system. Look how popular Steel Battalion was before it game out and proved it’s self to be a horrible buggy mess. If they had done that correct it would of been a really big game.

      • But when Kinect come out it was hard to buy a 360 with out it. There are a lot of them about. The real issue is not even MS could make a must buy game for it.

        If Sony/MS make great games for their cameras then they will sell but i doubt that will ever happen, they ‘ll make games just not great games.

      • I worked in a game shop and so I can say that was not the case, it was about 50/50 but it was hard to get anyone to buy one with the kinect. At least where I live people couldn’t afford the extra money, well at least they didn’t want to pay it if they didn’t have too. Ot was so rare that we would sell a kinect.

  8. I read somewhere (I think on ign) that there may actually be a mega bundle which gets you the console and camera and hopefully a better headset (i only say better because i don’t have much luck with those types of headsets and them staying in my ears properly)

  9. What ever the original plan may or may not have been, i for one am pleased the camera is not included in with the PS4.

    It would have only pushed the price up higher and why should i be ‘forced’ into paying extra for something i did’nt want and would never use?.

    I never bought into Eyetoy on PS2 or PS3, was’nt going to be buying into Dream Eye on Dreamcast etc.I don’t do video chat per say, which is the only thing i could see myself using a camera for.

    As for MS taking pot shots at Sony this gen? whilst it’s expected, they really want to take a good long look at claims they were making just years ago with 360:Blu ray was’nt needed, future was download, they were keen to brag about 360 power and unified ram etc etc.

    We get these ‘pissing contests’ every generation, but MS, sony etc fail to grasp is that as a consumer, it’s not driving me to purchase their device, put more energy into telling me just what i can expect software wise only on your system, rather than taking cheap shots at the competition.

    If your machine is going to deliver games i want, won’t break down leaving me high and dry because you’ve cut costs on manufacturing, offers great VFM then i’m in.

    • Exactly, in simple terms I want them to tell me what it can do/offer that my PC can’t. In terms of sheer performance neither console can beat a top end PC so technical pissing contests between them are a tad pointless in the real world.

  10. I wish they would hurry up and come out already then the next lot of graphics cards with large amounts gddr ram should be out a short time after.

    • My PC graphics card already has 4Gb of GDDR5 ram, I’m also hoping that design choices in PS4 games will filter through to PC ones and start using some more of it ;)

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