What We Played #112: Defense Grid, F1 2012 and Halo 4

What We Played

In a catastrophic turn of events, for my free time at least, Microsoft’s first offering of a free game for Xbox Live Gold subscribers was Defense Grid: The Awakening. Having spent many, many happy and sometimes frustrating hours with the game on PC (see here, for example) it’s been on my TV quite a bit this week.

Fortunately it’s such a brilliant example of the tower defense genre that I really don’t mind working my ways towards all those gold medals again. Eating, sleeping and other trivial concerns have taken something of a back seat.


I also plugged away a bit more at Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception at the weekend, and it still feels like the Uncharted series failed to develop over its three PS3 games. The spectacular looking Himalayan village is what stood out for me in the second game as surpassing anything in the first, but UC3 has been a bit, well, “meh” so far.

Playing it in 3D and accepting the graphical fidelity hit that results has been interesting though. It’s clearly helping with immersion, as I’ve caught myself leaning to try and peer around things.

Kris is battling, and frequently dying by all accounts, in Halo 4’s online multiplayer of late as he’s currently reviewing a Turtle Beach headset for us. Any excuse to play Halo… He says it has served both to remind him how much he loves Halo and just how bad he is at the multiplayer elements of it.

When cruelly separated from his beloved Halo by having to leave the house for more mundane things like shopping and work, he’s been playing through Batman Arkham City Lockdown on his iPhone as it was on sale.  The game that is, not his iPhone.

It feels like a poor man’s Infinity Blade, and is far too easy and short. It’s also got fiddly controls that are unresponsive at times, leading to death.

So that’s two games featuring Kris’ frequent deaths this week. DanToo, meanwhile, has been continuing to miss out on winning the F1 driver championship in F1 2012, narrowly losing out to Lewis Hamilton in his fourth season in-game.

Other than that he’s still busy plugging away at the “average, but enjoyable” Epic Mickey 2 as he puts the finishing touches to our review.

Returning to partially played games has been keeping Aran entertained. In Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning he discovered he’d left it with a number of quests very close to completion and so rattled swiftly through those, while he found Need for Speed: Underground 2 is still a great racer.

He says that its graphics are ageing gracefully and that the soundtrack is still just as great.  Other than that he’s been studiously avoiding being near the PS3 whenever his brother has been playing The Last of Us as he’s much further ahead in the story than Aran.

That’s all from us this week as the appearance of a strange glowing orb has us all downing our controllers to expose our pale gamer’s skin to its DNA-pummelling ultraviolet rays.

Have you been out laying sunny side up or hiding from the painful brightness behind tightly drawn curtains with only your games collection for company?



  1. Burnout Paradise for me this week. Still not my favourite in the series but an enjoyable game regardless and has put me in the mood to check out The Crew next year.

  2. Knack and Drive Club. And watching Jim massively fail at Gran Turismo 6 :)

    • Next generation show off!! Any comments you can share with us on the two PS4 games?

      • Yes. But you’ll have to wait, writing it up atm.

      • Looking forward to it.

  3. Mainly The Last of Us. I’ve played 26% of the campaign and I’m loving it as a story, but think its a bit bland/generic as far as gameplay is concerned. It’s pretty linear, and I think it would have been better without the listening mode (much like Pure Survivor should have been the default setting for Dead Space 3). Still enjoying the MP alot!

    I picked up Max Payne 3 and Metro Last Light this week so hoping to fire those up over the weekend. I also got Bastion on iOS.

    I also played some FIFA 13 on Vita and tried the Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 demo which I thought was pretty boring.

  4. The part where drake is hanging out of the back of an airplane and has to climb up the webbing is amazing!!!

  5. GT6 Demo and bought a Vita this week so Wipeout 2048, Unit 13, Motorstorm RC…

  6. Played through Max Payne 3, but gonna play it again on a harder setting, as don’t think I got the most out of it being almost invincible. Wanna give the multiplayer a go too, so if someone could invite me to the TSA crew, that would be great!

  7. The Last of Us actually tempted me online and kept me there, which was a pleasant surprise.

    I’m still being anti-social and not talking to people though.

  8. Just finished The Last of Us this morning. Great story but mediocre gameplay. The ending didn’t satisfy me 100% but I couldn’t come up with something better myself so I’m not complaining. Hopefully the planned DLC is singleplayer DLC!

    • The first lot of DLC is single player! :)

  9. Finished the great Yakuza 3, & now starting another golden oldie in Bad Company2. Impressed with it so far, great combat & some funny one-liners making the story enjoyable. Only negative was the 85 minute download for the patch before I could fire it up.

  10. I’m still playing the same games I have been for the last few weeks, Animal Crossing on 3DS, Terraria and Tiger Woods 14 on PS3.

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