Persona 5 Domain Registered By Now Bankrupt Index Corporation

In August 2011 development on Persona 5 was confirmed by Atlus, but since then news for the next main numbered entry in the Shin Megami Tensei series went quiet with no new information appearing in the last two years. However Atlus’ parent company Index Corporation quietly registered on the 25th of June.

However the future of the Persona series, as well as Atlus itself, is in serious doubt after parent company Index filed for bankruptcy just a few days after the doman registration. The company accrued millions of dollars worth of debt that it couldn’t handle, despite the relative success of Atlus’ catalogue.

The only way a guaranteed release for Persona 5 can occur is if Atlus gets picked up be another publisher, though whether any company will remains to be seen.

Source: WHOIS via Neogaf.



  1. Fuck yeah ! ^^

  2. Even if Index goes belly up I easily see Atlus being picked up by Square, Level 5 or even SCE Japan. They’ll be alright.

    • Perhaps Namco Bandai or Nippon Ichi as well.

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