The Last Of Us: Number One For Another Week

Naughty Dog’s evergreen The Last Of Us remains, like a slightly mouldly Brian Adams song, in number one spot, taking the UK charts by storm, despite a near 50% drop in sales.


So whilst less people are buying the game, even fewer are buying other games, with the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft in second place, FIFA 13 in third, the 3DS Animal Crossing fourth and Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed III in fifth.

A familiar story at the top, then, with Tomb Raider, Black Ops II, Sims 3, Deadpool and Far Cry 3 making up the lower half, showing that the UK market likes that proverbial cosy blanket more than ever just now. New generation, please.



  1. I’m enjoying the weather too much plus it’s too hot to sit inside with the curtains drawn. I did manage a few hours TLOU new game plus once the sun retreated last night.

    • I’ve found it too hot outside, far nicer inside with the curtains drawn and a fan on.

      It’s great to see a game get the sales it deserves

    • Ditto. Its typical we get a bonus MP weekend when I can’t play due to melting controllers plus there’s the overriding compulsion to go out and try to collect a summer’s worth of Sun in one weekend, for fear of not seeing it again until next year.

    • I had a 200 mile Motorway drive yesterday morning, thank god for Air Conditioning. Stopping halfway at the services for a break it was unbearable without a hint of breeze, pretty glad to get back on the Motorway for the cars cool Air-con flow. At least today there’s a bit o’ breeze with the sun.
      I can understand people not playing games during the heatwave but surprised it affects sales so much.

  2. Well deserved, it’s definitely my game of the year. Brilliant stuff, I wonder what Naughty Dog will create next.

  3. Waiting for another drop in sales, to hopefully inspire a drop in price, then I’m in.

  4. Loved The Last of Us single player best story in a game since Heavy rain. Just started playing the multiplayer got to say its pretty sweet, the hours just rolled off the clock. It’s a really welcome change of pace from the normal frantic shooters. The game deserves to be holding onto the top spot.

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