Ubisoft Won’t Be Making a ZombiU Sequel

ZombiU was a great game; a tense, smart survival tale that didn’t feel too generic. A sequel – Zombi2 – could’ve been even better, perhaps losing the Nintendo exclusivity and releasing on even PS4 and Xbox One as well as the Wii U.

It seems, however, that Ubisoft have no desire to develop a sequel to the GamePad-feature heavy (SmartGlass, Vita?) game due to the first not returning a profit. It’s unfortunate, but mostly down to the Wii U’s poor sales – perhaps it’ll make some money in the future?

There were rumours of a sequel but nothing concrete, so now we know. It’s unfortunate to see a new IP such as this thrown away, wasting a lot of its potential.

It also seems that the poor sales might’ve been the reason for Rayman Legends losing its exclusivity, now releasing on PS3, Xbox 360 and PS Vita. Will Bayonetta 2 suffer the same fate?

Source: IGN


  1. Shame, I desperately want the Wii U to do well. Definitely my console of choice for Rayman, and the Nintendo games look great. It just needs a bit more. Maybe it’s good Ubi aren’t making yet another zombie game though. Zombie U looked cool, but aside from the gamepad it wasn’t that unique. Obviously not enough to sell anyway.

  2. ZombiU was pretty good. Looked great too. :(

  3. That’s what happens when the platform holder makes absolutely no effort to sell the system for the first year. There’s no big first-party titles out for the Wii U until 2014. Pikmin is still not out and although Wind Waker looks gorgeous, it’s still a remake and not out until later this year.

  4. I really want to play this game too!

    • same here, looks amazing

    • Same here, fella. Disappointed that it won’t see the light of day (on other consoles). I hope developers of such promising games – that could potentially turn into a successful franchise – think long and hard about such a strategy.

      The Wii U is selling poorly and it’s hurting the games. Such a shame when owners of the likes of the PS3, 360, etc., looks at a particular franchise/game and thinks “ahhhh, bugger!”.

  5. Kill Nintendo. Burn them with FIRE and listen to them scream while stroking… something… You are all fools to think the general public with fall for Nintendo’s business model once again. DIE!

  6. Isn’t Bayonetta 2 being published by Nintendo?

    I don’t think that it would appear on another console if that’s the case.

  7. People don’t want zombie games anymore. It’s a saturated enough with zombie games.

    • disregard “a”.

    • We say that, but the truth is we don’t want most zombie games anymore.

      Something like The Last of Us on the other hand? Seems to be selling well.

  8. ZombiU was one of those games that would have been decent without the Game Pad. It felt shoe horned in and I got sick a couple of hours in.

    Loving Super Luigi U on the other hand, towards the later worlds, getting the star coins is brutal.

  9. ZombiU had potential BUT it was let down by being graphically ugly and having that god dam pad touch screen shoe horned into it. The Last of Us has the exact same “can’t pause game to route through bag and you might get attacked while doing it” but uses a few buttons and keeps me looking at the screen. Ninty for the love of god either make a console with a regular pad that has ZERO gimmicks or just stick to handhelds and make games with your IP’s for PC, XBOX and PS. and make basquillions of dollars.

  10. Shame. Absolutely loved the original. Survival horror done right.

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