Amazon Has Sold Out Of Launch Day PS4s & Xbox Ones

Amazon has just updated its video game Facebook page to announce that all initial Playstation 4 and Xbox One stock has completely sold out. This means that if you haven’t already put in a pre order for one of the next gen consoles at Amazon, and they’re your preferred retailer, then chances of receiving one at launch day will be slim.

Amazon do not know if they will receive any more release day stock allocations from either Sony or Microsoft, but are encouraging people to keep an eye on the website for any announcements. You can still pre-order from Amazon though if you’re not too fussed about getting either console day one.

This news follows Gamestop announcing they are sold out of their initial PS4 stock too, though Xbox Ones are still available there. If you do want a launch day console I advise pre ordering soon before other retailers announce they’re out of stock too.

Source: Facebook



  1. Crikey.

  2. I was going to hold off to see if any bundles were announced. Not going to risk it after hearing this. ShopTo here I come.

  3. Not bad. I won’t be pre-ordering but it’s only good news for a new console to be selling so well. At least there shouldn’t be any software drought.

  4. Confirmation that supply is less than demand? Amazon biggest seller I presume. Glad I put in a place holding order … Not with Amazon but the first domino has fallen .

  5. That appears to be from the Facebook page for though. The UK Amazon may be different. They’ve still got the “Want to receive this the day it comes out?” instructions.

    Which doesn’t mean it arrives on the release day, but at least you can get the postage refunded if it doesn’t. They’re quite good on that. (Even if it arrives just a day late)

  6. Pre ordered my PS4 with Zavvi ages ago. I just home it arrives on release day.

    • I pre ordered from shopto the morning after the original reveal. But still paranoid about whether I will get it on launch day.

  7. I’ve never had a console on launch before. But this time, my PS4 is preordered.

  8. Damn was about to pre-order this this evening from amazon, was going to last night but other things came up. ShopTo it is.

    • Phew! Read that the pre-order would take the £350 out on order, not dispatch so I’ve gone with Amazon, I expect they’ll be given more promised stock to sell…hopefully.

      • I preordered with them and nothing was taken.

    • I pre-ordered with both, just in case one has better bundles nearer launch. Just got to remember to cancel one.

  9. I wasn’t going to take the chance of not getting a PS4 at launch so pre-ordered at ShopTo before the February reveal was over.

  10. Pretty sure this is US only

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